How to Avoid Your Boss on Social Media

Boss on Social Media

Wouldn’t it be tiresome if each time you wanted to post an update or opinion online, you needed to think twice just because your boss was on your Facebook friend list or followed you on Twitter?

It’s tricky to have your boss in your Friends list. Your reputation could be on the line simply with one wrong update that your employer may dislike. You would constantly be worrying about your boss’s opinion on your posts and updates.

Imagine if you uploaded your Saturday night party pictures on Facebook and then your boss asked you to remove them as it would harm the company/organization’s reputation.

It’s a delicate situation to negotiate; refusing to do so might affect your existing career (you don’t want to get fired due to a funny joke, tweet or comment about  your organization, work or even your boss).  On the other hand, your online page is entirely your own.

Hence, it is essential to avoid your boss on social media if you want to control that private space of yours. Here are some ways by which you can avoid your boss without affronting them:

1) Change your Privacy settings

Each social networking site has Privacy settings. For instance, on Facebook you can change the settings so that only your friends can view updates.  Also, if you restrict your search visibility, most people (including your employers) will not be able to find you on Facebook.

However, if your boss is already on your Friends list, then you can change the settings so that all updates will be visible to all your friends except for those listed in the Block list (which would include your boss).

While this list does not block these individuals from your Friends list, it will instead prevent your updates from appearing on their newsfeed. Similarly on Twitter, you can change your account to Private.

Hence, people who wish to follow you would first need your permission to do so. Changing privacy settings according to your specifications is a simple yet effective way to maintain online freedom.

2) Avoid using social media at the workplace

Go ahead – get busy hiding yourself from your boss by adjusting privacy settings, but just make sure that your boss doesn’t catch you accessing online social networking sites from the workplace when you’re doing so!

That would be quite awkward. While most workplaces do ban social networking sites, many do not. Yet, it is best to not use social sites at your workplace to avoid any  confrontations with your boss or co-workers. As they say, ‘Precaution is better than a cure’. Just practice that.

3.) Ignore while you can

So, your boss has found you on a social networking site and has sent you a request. Don’t respond. Just forget about it. Ignore the request while you can.

Chances are that after a few days, they might get the hint and understand that you don’t want to add him/her. While some employers will understand your reluctance, others might be persistent and ask you in person to accept their request or question your refusal to add them.

If this happens, you can tell them that you didn’t have the time to check your requests, or state that you might have overlooked it. Tell them that you will do it the next time you use the site .

Later on, you can claim to have forgotten to add them yet again.  This should send a clear message that you are actually trying to avoid your boss on social sites.

4.) Use an appropriate platform to connect

It’s hard to stop anyone from sending a request to connect with people from work on social sites, or to encourage them to network on a  particular platform such as LinkedIn. Make sure that you know which platform to use to network professionally.

If you practice this from the beginning, others will realize your social networking preferences and will act accordingly, including your boss.

Have you ever avoided your boss on social media? Do you know any other ways to avoid your employer on social media? Tell us your opinion or share your story.

Featured Image: smonkingmonkey