Social Media Agency Feature: 4nought4 – A Digital Marketing Agency

Who are we?

We are a varied bunch, our biggest strength is our ability to work as a team utilizing each other’s strengths and diminishing our weaknesses.

The Core Team

The Propaganda-in-Chief: When he was young, he wanted to be a sculptor who can also play guitar as good as Kurt Cobain. Today, he is thankfully a part time painter, who is making brands go social.

The Bounty Hunter: She is one person, no marketing directors worth their salt can say no to. Balancing creativity and marketing, she is responsible for the dal-roti, the top lines and business.


The Sardonic Yoda: He is old, he is wise and when he talks creative strategy, clients stop and listen. Be warned, his wisecracks are sharp, and no one’s a holy cow.

The Pseudo Geek: He is on to his 4th venture and is the techie on board. He loves chai and perhaps would ask you for a cuppa when he comes visiting.

What’s in the name?

404 is the common ‘page not found’ error on the internet and thereby the most viewed webpage in the history of internet. And that’s why we are here, to remove the problems in the digital domain. Plus, it makes for an excellent ice-breaker.

What we do?

Even with a small team like ours, we are well equipped to create ads, websites, apps, handle social, run SEM campaigns, SEO….well pretty much everything digital that a client needs.

Why we do it?

All the founders had been in the industry for a while and had their reasons to be dissatisfied with the way things were prevalent in the industry. So we decided to start a company where we will do things the way we think was right.

How we evolve?

When we started off, we were just 4 people but each one of us was not just an expert in our respective fields but also ready to step in wherever resources were needed. And as we grow we are looking to hire people who want to learn more.

We give people chance to upskill themselves in whichever skill they want. We have community managers creating content, client servicing people handling social and strategy people designing mailers. In short, we look to hire people who are keen to learn and grow.

Social responsibility in social media

Social media is very unforgiving. As a brand you are always under scrutiny and any mistake you make gets magnified and highlighted. Damage control is not easy. When you are representing a brand you have to be extra careful. And remember if you are not solving a problem for the brand then the numbers don’t matter.

Need of the hour

Social Media might be very new on the timeline of advertising history but it is time for it to go to another level. It has to take the step beyond posts and tweets. It has to be innovative and revolutionary but at the same time cost-effective. That day isn’t far away when every rupee being spent on social media will be accountable.

We learned the hard way

There is no substitute for originality, creativity and hard work. These 3 should be what differentiates you from your peers.

Did we just share that?

We’d always rate clients on the basis of the chai served at their office.

They work with us

Our clients include, The National Stock Exchange, Kings XI Punjab, History Channel – TV – 18, Enrich Salon among others.

Industry as we foresee

We understand that in the coming days, the focus would shift from numbers to actual and sustainable engagement. A brand may manage to get in a lot of guests into the ball room but if they don’t get treated well, they would soon leave, even worse, some of them may even talk negatively about the experience.

A day without Internet

We know how it feels like, we do not work on the weekends.