Who are we?

IntelliAssist is focused on providing comprehensive range of marketing communication services to business and consumer brands. The company is a full-service digital and social media marketing agency and also offers print media and direct marketing support.

We believe that service delivery is all about passion. We have handpicked a team of passionate creative directors, visualizers, designers, developers and copywriters.

What’s in the name?

IntelliAssist stands for Intelligent Assistance. We are here todeliver creativelypackaged, intelligent solutions that help our clients achieve their marketing and business objectives.

What we do?

Our sole purpose is to humanize brands, we then help brands create social engagement with its customers &consumers and eventually build a deep bond with them.

Our service offering includes website and custom application development, social media marketing, online reputation management, SEM & online advertising campaign management, healthcare communications, collateral creation for B2B brands, lead generation and demand creation campaigns for B2B brands.

Why we do it?

Although the pond is already full;there are fishes of all sizes & types, yet there is a dearth of agencies who understand the business of those businesses whose customers are either professionals or other businesses.

We were born to fill the void and offer result-oriented marketing, brand communications and customer contact solutions to B2B & B2P brands. As we grew, we applied our learning and best practices of content marketing to service B2C brands.

How we evolve?

We believe that every day in our lives is the same, same… yet different! Likewise, since the day of our inception to date, we kept learning new lessons and trends in marketing; however we make sure to revise our basics!

We learned the hard way

And everyone does!

We have a lot to share in the section, but can be done best over a beer. We often do that; especially when we are highly frustrated or while celebrating project success. We will be glad if you could join; we are sure you got a lot to share as well. After all, we all believe in being SOCIAL!

They work with us

We have worked for brands such as ASA Productions & Enterprises, Bajaj Group, Dhanraj Films Pvt. Ltd., Dr. Reddy’s Lab, F-TEC Skill Development, Foresight, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, HCL, HDFC Group, ICICI Group, JWT, Light & Shadow Films, Mage Therapy, Rash Production, Universal Communications and Wockhardt India Limited.

Industry as we foresee

Several research reports provide facts and figures; we are too small to do that! However common sense suggests that irrespective of the industry sector, future of every business is social. eBegging.co.in confirms our thoughts!

A day without Internet

One needs to travel back in time to experience. However references are available on Wikipedia and in the book of History.

Lastly, are you hiring?

IntelliAssist is looking for a Business Development Executive.


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