Social Wavelength to Now Manage Social Media Responsibilities for GreenDust

GreenDust, India’s premium online shopping site has awarded its social media duties to Social Wavelength, India’s leading social media agency.

Social Wavelength is India’s largest social media agency with presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. Its’ suite of services include social media monitoring, online-reputation management, online PR, social media management and building online communities. Social Wavelength is also the authorized reseller for Radian6 for the Indian market.

With over 50 millions users on Facebook in India, social media is the perfect geography for GreenDust to communicate how they are converting potential e-waste into quality offerings to customers, in a unique and first of its kind service in India.

Social media presence will also help the brand to constantly engage with their audience and create a top of mind brand recall.

hitendra chaturvedi





Hitendra Chaturvedi, CEO, GreenDust said,

We have introduced a unique concept where we offer unused, surplus, factory seconds, refurbished or overstock products, to consumers, at low prices. We are not a ‘deals’ site; we are converting what could have been e-waste, into an attractive offering for consumers. There are unfortunate misconceptions that people carry about words like refurbished or factory seconds, and there is a need to explain these concepts correctly. Social Media enables us to do exactly that. The platforms being interactive and conversation friendly, we expect to have a dialogue with the consumers, and bring out the advantages that GreenDust offers. With Social Wavelength’s expertise and knowledge on our side, we are sure we will be able to understand the minds of our customers and communicate with them effectively.

 sanjay Mehta






On the occasion, Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Social Wavelength mentioned,

The business model of GreenDust is very interesting and unique, and we are excited to have the opportunity to take this to consumers via Social Media. We are sure that by leveraging social media presence will play a significant role in audience interaction for GreenDust, and their understanding of the brand proposition that GreenDust stands for.