Three Men from Jammu and Kashmir Arrested for Facebook Video

facebook arrest

After the arrest of the two girls in Palghar and the Air India employees, another Facebook arrest has come to light. Three men from Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir were arrested on October 29 this year for being tagged in a profane video on Facebook. They have spent over 40 days in Jail.

The three, Kishori Sharma, Bansi Lal and Moti Lal Sharma were tagged in a supposedly blasphemous video on Facebook and one of them had commented on it. They have been accused with desecrating religious symbols, and inciting communal hatred using Information Technology, under the controversial section 66 (A) of the IT act.

So far, the police have no affirmation that any of them uploaded the video. Police sources say preliminary investigation points that that the video originated from Pakistan.

The police have written to Facebook asking for the origin of the video, but has got no positive response from the India and Asia heads of Facebook.

At last the Jammu and Kashmir Police have appealed to the Facebook’s headquarters in the US and are anticipating a reply in four weeks’ time.

Kishori Sharma and Bansi Lal, both government teachers, have been sacked pending inquiry. Their sacking order accuses them of disturbing law and order and anti-Islamic activities.

The police told the parents that they will give them a clean chit and release the three but that was all done just to maintain law and order and the three remained under arrest.

said Rajesh Sharma, lawyer of the accused.

The accused have moved the court for bail. The next date of hearing will be on December 12. The court has also asked the police to submit its response by then.