Social Media New Year Resolutions for 2013

2013 new year

New Year is the time not only to reflect upon the past but also to look forward to the coming year. It’s a time to ponder over the mistakes that we committed need to address.

A good sailor does not leave the shore without a destination in his mind. Resolutions give a clarity on your end vision, so that you can channelize your time and efforts in the direction of your concrete goals.

Here’s a list of  Social Media New Year Resolutions for 2013:

1. I will be a good listener:  

“Listen” before you begin to speak. Identify some influencers in your area of interest, follow them. Observe trends, monitor conversations before you join.

2. I will participate in conversations: 

Good listening should be followed by good communication. Start engaging in conversations. It is a chance to build relationships, share opinion, and establish your online authority.

3. I will be helpful:

Share valuable information and honestly acknowledge your sources while paraphrasing or quoting. You must appreciate others by responding to them, recommending their work and sharing it with your community. This will help in building credibility and trust.

4. I will generate innovative content: 

Generate content that can spark conversation. Supplement it with interactive multimedia and visuals. You can also use storytelling to put across your message in an interesting way. I’m sure you’ll be able to brainstorm some great ideas. Don’t be afraid to try new stuff and set your own benchmark.

5. I will generate platform agnostic content:

Generate content that is flexible and adaptive such that it can be altered regardless of the medium of delivery.

6. I will ask and answer questions:

Questions are a great opportunity to build relationships! Ask questions that show a sincere interest in your connections. Reciprocate appreciation when your questions are responded.

7. I will integrate my Social Media activities:

Integrating your Social Media efforts across platforms can help you achieve optimal benefits. An integrated approach will help you to maintain a uniform image across all platforms.  Maintain a consistency in your online and offline persona. But make sure you avoid cross-posting.

8. I will measure :

Do not overlook metrics and key performance indicators. Track all your Social Media activities so that you can evaluate their overall worth. It will help you plan your future activities and capture the essence of the end results.

Well, it is easy to make new year resolutions, but difficult to keep them. But I am sure you will apply them to make the most of out of 2013!