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This review is a part of our ‘Social Media Strategy Review’ series where we do a 360 degree analysis of a brand’s entire social media activity. You can read the reviews of more brands here.

Introduction is one of India's largest online shopping destination for fashion and lifestyle products for men, women and kids.

Overall Strategy

Being an online apparel shopping, Myntra Social Media Strategy  is aimed towards fashion and latest design trends. It has a sizable 5 major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google Plus.

But having a presence everywhere is not necessary. Your content marketing strategy should be equally effective as well. So, while the brand is doing a good job at branding itself, there are several facets where it can improve.

Myntra word cloud Simplify 360

Let's have a deeper look at Myntra's social media activities.

Platform-wise Strategy


The Myntra Facebook Page is one of the few eCommerce brand pages from India which have more than a million members in their community. But even with a million people, I find the engagement to be a downer.

Facebook Myntra Engagement Simplify 360

Facebook Myntra Engagement Simplify 360

And the blame goes to the content strategy. There are daily 3-4 updates (mostly 3) and there's only one generic/engaging update while the rest are self-promotional. While I can't say if the self-promotional updates are generating sales or not, but they are definitely affecting the engagement rate of the page.

And the lower the engagement, the lower the reach. So, in effect, they will be lowering the reach of their self-promotional updates as well.

There has to be a fine balance between engaging and 'sales' content but right now, the scale is leaning on the wrong side.


Myntra's Twitter content strategy is similar to Facebook except that the handle is too busy with customer queries. The team handling the account is doing a stellar job at handling the complaints and they share a link (every time!) to a separate forum for complaint redressal where the customer can keep a track of his/her complaint.

And what more? They even buzz up the customer if there is an activity in the forum regarding the complaint.

The communication is warm and friendly and is lot better than most eCommerce brands out there.

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A regularly updated Pinterest account shares all the latest trends from fashion and style. From celebs to fashion bloggers and latest trends, everything is shared here.

They are building a fairly good community here and it will hugely popular as Pinterest keeps on gaining ground.

Google Plus

Myntra adopted Google Plus as soon as Google opened the platform for brands and business early last year. Studying their updates, they were fairly active for the following 6-7 months and since then, the brand has stopped updating on Google Plus.

While they do have more than 1500 people in their 'Circle', engagement is lacking. While part blame goes to Myntra's self-promotional content strategy, we all know the Google Plus is yet to prove itself as effective as Facebook & Twitter for brands.


The YouTube channel was created an year ago but there is not enough content to be found here. There are some TVCs and some other self-promotional (again!) videos.

For a brand that deals with fashion, they could have added so much fashion based video content. Not only their target audience would have loved that, it would have helped Myntra in establishing its authority in a far more effective way.


To complement their ecommerce store, Myntra also has a blog: StyleMynt. Talking about fashions trends, style tips and various other topics on fashion and style, it is regularly updated as well.

The content is really impressive but surprisingly, there is very low engagement on the blog posts. There is hardly any social sharing and it was difficult to find any reader comments too. Beats me how it can be like this when the content is good and the blog posts are being promoted to Myntra's huge social media community as well.

Comparison with Competitor

Though Jabong started off 4 years later than Myntra in the eCommerce race, it has raced ahead of it on social media. I can't compare their respective sales figure but one look at their engagement rates and you can see which one is on the top.

Myntra Jabong Engagement comparison Simplify360

So what if Jabong doesn't even have half of Myntra's fans? It's effective content strategy has ensured a highly engaging community.

Myntra Jabong Relative Engagement Comparison

Also to be mentioned here is Jabong's twitter handle. Yes Myntra's twitter communication is warm and friendly, but Jabong's is, for the lack of a better word, cooler!

Comments on Strategy

Myntra is doing a decent job at establishing itself as a fashion destination but a lot needs to be done to achieve that goal. Yes, I know sales is necessary, but social media was never about generating sales. Was it?

Social media is about building a community and keeping them hooked to you. Too much of self-promotional content will kill your brand.

Myntra Social Media age demographic Simplify 360

As you can see, the community is filled with youngsters and they can be your biggest market if you keep them engaged to yourself.

Feedback on Strategy

Myntra's customer service team is doing a commendable job at handling the issues and deserves kudos! They have ensured that there is less negativity floating around. Great job!

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