Trends in Social Recruiting for 2013!

Sarang Brahme
New Update
Social Recruiting

Social Media is all about connecting and engaging “People”, so as recruitment / talent acquisition. This is why recruitment sector will be witnessing a very interesting and buzzing growth in area of Social Media for year 2013.

I think in past two years “Social Media” has conceptually made its mark on HR but next year will convert “Social” into a real strategic and integral part of any HR / recruitment eco-system.

Here are few trends in Social Recruiting I see evolving in next year :

Social is no more a Choice for Recruiting organizations:

Recruiting organizations has been cautious in adopting Social Media as they felt they are not yet ready to use this platform. However, some of the organizations like Dell, Capgemini and Accenture to name a few have set a case-study in this area which can be influential.

From my interactions with recruiting leaders I can sense a greater urge in adopting this approach in 2013. Clearly as suggested by Harvard, businesses which will not adopt “Social” will be out of business in next five years; nothing much different for recruitment organizations.

LinkedIn Vs Job Portals

LinkedIn has been increasingly intruding into a traditional job portal market in India. LinkedIn has started a special costing model only for its Indian businesses to strengthen their base in 2012. LinkedIn offers a great mix of employer branding and talent attraction solution which perfectly suits the “Talent-War” situation in Indian recruitment market.

This may impel recruiting leaders to compare LinkedIn Vs job portals keeping job portals constantly under pressure to provide value-added services.

Additionally, there will be increase in budgets for LinkedIn’s hiring solutions from recruiting leaders as they will be keen to understand value-ad and ROI from the new sourcing model.

Investment in Recruitment marketing on the rise

Social Media channels have given a new horizon for recruiters to promote their job openings and reach to a greater audience besides job portals. As recruiters look to reach passive candidates who may not be actively looking out – Social Media provides an open platform to attract and engage these candidates for relatively lesser cost.

This cause to “Recruitment Marketing” function in corporate companies which will be co-owned by Recruitment and Marketing with a common objective.

New Breed of Digital Marketing Agencies / Professionals

As recruitment organizations are looking to invest more into digital media, there will be mounting demand for external marketing agencies to support this initiative that will bring in the social platform expertise to the entire HR mix.

In 2013, many of digital agencies will venture into HR / recruitment businesses with this being one of the most growing industries for them. Demand for marketers with HR / recruitment clients will also be growing. Marketers – look out for this option.

Social Recruiting Technology – new startups & acquisitions

The year 2012 saw some notable mergers and acquisitions in the space of social media which includes Slidshare / LinkedIn, Instagram / Facebook, Tweetdeck / Tweeter to name a few. We also had some big boys like Oracle buying SelectMinds – a social recruiting technology along with IBM acquiring Kenexa.

This trend will only but move onwards from here in regards to acquiring start-up social media / recruiting technologies by big players. The next year will also see a range of new start-ups from social recruiting in India too like MyParichay.

Applicant Tracking Systems to go Social

Applicant Tracking Systems or popularly known as ATS (Candidate databases) would also need to re-consider their external facing system and integrate with Social Channels. ATS is the central platform for recruiters to manage their processes including job posting on career site or other job posting sites.

We will see many recognized vendors as well as in-built recruitment systems which can talk with Social Channels to increase the candidate reach. The leading ATS provider Taleo already provides this functionality in-build with LinkedIn.

Change of the Face for Facebook Job Portal

Earlier this year Facebook officially opened their Social Jobs Partnership project to public for free. This is just an experiment with very limited options and merely works as job aggregator; though it is a long way away from providing a quality interface to job seekers.

It is clear though Facebook is heading in this direction and will do substantial work in 2013 to ramp up their offering. It will be quite interesting to see how people adapt this job portal as classically Facebook has been perceived as “personal” as compare to LinkedIn’s professional face.

Social becomes Integral part of Recruiting Eco-System

As increasingly companies are looking to explore “Out-of-Box” options to find candidates in the tough market, “Social” provides them a great option in this situation.

Many recruiting organizations will install a focused “Social Recruiting” engines in their talent acquisition eco-systems next year. We may see companies starting “Social Recruiting” team as part of recruitment organization with skill-sets borrowed from recruitment as well as marketing. A whole new landscape!

In the midst of the social transformation the big question will still be on the ROI of this initiative to the organizations. As the tools and practices being matured in this area, the budgets on social recruiting will be under a tight scanner to make sure there is a measurable goodness from this initiative. We are still far away from having a matured and concrete model in social recruiting to measure ROI as lot of the benefits like employer branding may not be directly measured from hiring perspective.

Companies need to adopt an open and strategic mindset while implementing “Social” in recruitment to see long term results. On the other hand, we need to be aware that just because Social is “Cool”, “Sexy” and talk-of-the-town, we do not see this as a “magic wand” to solve all our problems. We do need to have a balanced approach while adopting to ensure effective and sustainable results. As someone said, Social does not change the culture of your company, it reveals.

Nevertheless, social recruiting will definitely be one of the most strategic and transformational subject in talent acquisition space in next year. The question now is not why – but when!!!

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Social Recruiting Sarang Brahme Trends for 2013