Your Social Media Marketing Checklist for 2013

Social Media Marketing Endeavors With a Twist : Holistic Approach Social Media Marketing is changing with each passing year. As we enter into the anticipated New year, Here are few points for your corporate social media strategy checklist for 2013:

1. Get your teams ready:

Get your teams ready before entering into the huge world of Social media where every corporate is trying to make its mark with its different social media strategies.

Your marketing and sales team, social teams, creative teams and brand ambassadors all need to be on board with the direction of your social strategy. The smartest way to do this is to get a chairperson on board who looks after both – your social media marketing goals as well as communication with the teams.

2. Collect your internal resources:

Before starting with your rock solid strategy plans, make sure to collect all your internal data and resources. It comprises of Videos, published articles and reports, and also all customer facing online content to make sure if you want to use the existing Brand image or change it.

3. Review and Analyse:

Review and Analyse all Social media activities held in 2012 to know what has motivated user engagement with the Brand your current activities.

Analyse the content that you have communicated over the year with its size, type, etc. See what level of engagement has it achieved. It may be positive, negative or neutral. In addition, analysing your SEO is also very essential.

Knowing about the key words that deliver business leads to you, and tracking your mentions and followers using tools like Google analytics, radian6, etc. can aid to assess your social media activities in 2012 and explore a better strategy plan for the coming year.

4. Establish your Goals for 2013:

Without knowing what you expect out of it, how can you build a strategy? To start on with any social media marketing strategy, understanding your Target audience and establishing your goals is very crucial

A proper framework of goals before the constructing a strategy creates an enhanced strategy with proper planning.

Social media Marketing is an ultimate tool to engage and connect with your users. You can use it in different ways:

  • Stand-in as a thought leader for the new online generation
  • Promotion of products and services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Providing updates and information about your industry, products and services, etc.
  • Creating a Brand Image

A proper collection of social media marketing assets of 2012 along with accurate analysis of it will drive you to a successful social media marketing strategy for 2013.

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