8 Things Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

social media marketer

‘Social Media’ is the buzz word today. Every brand wants to make it big here (which is fine) but the sad part is they think anyone can do it.

Let’s look in the mirror, do you really want to have someone with funny accent and long hair to steer your brand through the Social Media hurdles without him knowing anything (I mean literally anything) about the brand?

Well the truth is most of the brands are doing that. YES that’s happening. So to make their life simple here’s a checklist of things which should be remembered.

1. Always remember the ‘Triple E’ rule

a. Engage – remember engagement is the key. The more the engagement, the better it is

b. Evolve – Social Media is a two way communication unlike other platforms. Remember it is not ADVERTISING, listening to your audience and implementing (or at least taking into account) their suggestions is of utmost importance. As a Social Media Marketer you have to evolve with the audience and not the way you want to

c. Experiment – being a very dynamic field, Experimentation plays a very important role. Keep on experimenting with the content, timings, images, ideas etc. to keep it alive and interesting

2. Keep a track of your Content Performance Score (CPS)

This score provides you with an overview of how your Content is performing. For Facebook it can be calculated by dividing the engagement with Reach and taking percentage of it. For Twitter it is the total number of Retweets/Total number of tweets * 100.

3. Always include ‘Booster Content’ in the plan

As a brand there will be things a Social Media Marketer will have to talk about no matter whether the audience wants that or not. You have to capture that particular topic which always works for your brand and include that in between dull and boring content so as to keep the conversation alive.

4. Strategize keeping your audience in mind

It’s not about what you think and what you want to achieve, Social Media it is always about what the audience wants. While strategizing, many of the so called Social Media Gurus miss it, make sure you don’t.

5. Keep a track of exceptions

Exceptions are interesting whether they are on the positive side or the negative side. If some particular type of content is performing extremely well it can be included in ‘Booster Content’ and if something is not performing at all, you all know what to do with it. Remove it from the plan.

6. Be human while analyzing

While analyzing the performance always take care not to be carried away with mere numbers. Every achievement/setback should be explained with human logic backed with numbers, after all Social Media is all about humans interacting with each other.

7. Take negative as healthy criticism

Negative comments/tweets etc. should never be deleted/ignored. They are the best way to Evolve. Analyze them, correct them and convert negative audience to your Brand Advocates

8. Be as quick as your audience is

‘Lag’ should not exist. The beauty of Social Media lies in its speed and communication which should not be ignored.

I am sure it was an interesting read for you and gave some insights about this ever evolving medium. Feel free to drop in your feedback in the comments below.

Image source: Freedigitalphotos.net