Google on Tuesday, entered into the social sign-in space by introducing its own social sign-in feature with Google+ . Instead of a normal Google account the new feature leverages Google+ authorizations to sign-in to a mobile or Web app.

Many third party apps and websites have integrated with Facebook and Twitter, allowing their users to sign-in with its username and password. Google + with its new feature will certainly show as a competition to Facebook who is the leader in this space since 2011.

While signing into the sites, you can outline the data you’re sharing with the app, and decide the circles to share your activity with and you are all set to sign-in with confidence by this 2 step verification. Google+ doesn’t let apps spray “frictionless” updates all over the stream, so app activity will only appear when it’s relevant

google plus 2 step verification

google+ sign in feature

Once users have singed have allowed the brand to share updates, people can see a new kind of “interactive” post going out to their friends in their Google+ stream. Clicking on it will take them inside the app, where they can buy, listen to, or review exactly what you shared. For example, when you click on the song your friend has shared, you’ll hear the song in the app from which he has shared. In this way, you will also be able to buy goods.

Google+ Sign-In will allow users to install an app to their Android phone from a website in their Chrome browser if they login using Google+ Sign-In, a great way for marketers to boost app installs.

Fancy, The Guardian, OpenTable, TuneIn and USA Today are the few sites where you can look for the new “Sign in with Google” button which is rolling out gradually.

Image courtesy: Google blog and Robert Scoble

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