When Facebook Met Twitter

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When Facebook Met Twitter

(All characters in this post are personified. Any resemblance to social networks is purely intentional)

On New Year’s Eve, Google threw a party at his home. He was a highly successful man. Some people called him judgmental. He was assisted by his children for arranging party. Everyone from the Silicon Valley came to the party, as nobody could afford to upset Google.

Facebook was seen in his usual White shirt Blue jeans combo. He was a friendly, down to earth and yet so charming person that people could spend hours talking to him. He was accompanied by his son Instagram at the party. Instagram always carried a camera with him. He loved clicking pictures and sharing them with his friends.

“Dad is that Miss Pinterest?” asked Instagram, pointing his finger towards a young lady in Red gown. “Yes, she is.” Facebook assured. “She looks beautiful. I have heard so much about her. I should talk to her, we have so much in common.” said Instagram and walked towards the young lady.

Facebook looked at Pinterest. She was helping her friend YouTube with decoration. She was putting up some pictures on a cork-board with the help of push-pins.

“What’s happening?” a voice came from behind. It was Twitter who interrupted Facebook’s thoughts. Twitter was a short, mid-aged man and was popular for his witty one-liners. Sometimes he was extremely rude. He has had quarrels with LinkedIn and Instagram in the past. “Why is your son following Pinterest?” continued Twitter.

“I know what’s on your mind Twitter. But unlike you, Instagram doesn’t follow people. He is my son. He is trying to make new friends here” replied Facebook.

“Your son? Everyone knows he is adopted” twitter argued. Facebook didn’t like his comment. He gave an angry bird look to the Twitter bird.

There was silence for a while till Google+ joined the two. Google+ was the youngest son of Google. His father had lot of expectations from him but he didn't succeed in his career despite great efforts.

People believed it was because he imitated Facebook, he couldn't succeed in a creative field. None the less, both of them were good friends. “Hey, can I hang-out with you guys?” Google+ asked in his cute low voice. “I favor that” confirmed twitter. Facebook accepted his request with a nod.

“Would you like to have some drinks?” the co-host, Google+ asked generously. “Yes, but no cookies” grinned Twitter. Google+ turned towards a catering helper and ordered “2 +1 drinks here.”

Three of them had their drinks. Facebook kept quiet all this while. To break the awkward silence Twitter asked Google+, “How is Orkut’s health these days? Any improvement?” asked Twitter teasingly. “Doctor Norton says he may not improve. Coincidentally, he and his old pal Yahoo! are being cured in the same hospital.”

Google+ knew Twitter would further make fun of him and soon make it a trending topic of the party. Hence, he escaped saying he would join his young friends Pinterest and Instagram.

After some time, LinkedIn was seen in a black formal suit with a tie. Facebook shouted “Hi.” LinkedIn waved his hand towards both Twitter and Facebook but didn't say anything. He moved directly towards the crowd to make new connections. “You might need to pay a premium to talk to LinkedIn” joked Twitter. Facebook looked at Twitter for a second and both of them burst out in laughter...

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