Social Media Campaign Review: Imported Food Festival by Auchan India

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Auchan is a one stop shopping destination as it meets all the daily needs of a consumer by providing grocery, fruits & vegetables, wine & spirits, electronics, apparel, health & beauty, furniture & much more, under one roof.

Here is a remarkable campaign by Auchan to promote its Imported Food Festival wherein its users can witness products of the Best Global Brands from various countries like Australia, France, Italy, Spain, etc.


The objective of the campaign is to make people aware about its Imported Food Festival as well as about the availability of other several international products.


As you enter the campaign, users get a choice to what they want to navigate through. They can create their own wish list and win products or can directly see what’s available at the Auchan Imported food festival by clicking on it which links to the website for further information or they can even see the daily winner’s list.

Auchan India

When you go into making your wishlist, you can see number of imported products like Popcorn, US Mayonnaise, Tostillas and many more. Users can select any three items and add them in their wishlist. Submit your wishlist and proceed further.

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Answer the question ‘Why should I win the wishlist I choose?’ and provide your details to receive your wishlist products (if you win).

Auchan India


The concept of this application is great and innovative.

The application is designed very well with a good interface and execution. It is not only visually appealing but also user friendly. It engages its users by giving them an enjoyable experience.

The campaign not only showcases the new imported products; it also finely promotes the brand’s exclusiveness.

The plus point for the consumers is that they can participate as many times they want.

Scope of Improvement:

The idea along with the execution is appropriate which shows no scope of improvement as such.

You can share in the comments below if you think there can be any !


Great Concept + Great Execution + Great Response = Successful Campaign