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Who are we?

7savant is the Social Media Monitoring Tool developed by ISPG Technologies.

We are at ISPG Technologies, a 350+ people multinational company with 10 years of experience in web and mobility platforms. ISPG offers Web and Mobility Consultancy Services, Web and Mobility Marketing Solutions, Web and Mobility Products.

ISPG Technologies is headquartered in India with its Project Management and marketing offices in London and Dubai. We aimed to make making superior digital platforms and products.

We are also the premier SME partner of Google. Only eight organizations have been awarded Premier SME partner status in India.

What's in the name?

The name 7savant was chosen after several brainstorming sessions. Savant means a learned man who is well aware of what’s happening around, and denotes the in-depth results that the product would give you, and the number 7 shows the seven advantages of using our software program: you can discover, listen, analyze, categorize, engage, monitor, and manage online conversations.

What we do?

7savant will help you effectively track and monitor all the online conversations about your company/brand. With 7savant, you can effectively discover, listen, and engage in all the online conversations about your company/brand. We will be providing you 100% real time results arranged on an interactive dashboard, in a highly methodical fashion.

To help you maintain a flawless online presence, its every important to track, monitor and manage the online conversations about your company/brand.

7savant is ideally designed to provide logically categorized real-time results on a user-friendly platform, to help you find millions of post from numerous online platforms like news sites, blogs, micro blogs, social networking sites, video and image sharing sites, and discussion boards.

Why we do it?

7savant will help companies, and brands protect their online image, and prepare themselves to face an impending online identity crises & negative online reputation, by monitoring and managing the online conversations on various platforms.

With 7savant, you can easily track the online conversations about your company’s/ brand’s name, name of competitors, product names, and top keywords related to your business.

Here are a few advantages of social media monitoring:

  1. Alert you immediately about the online conversations about your company/brand.
  2. Helps you quickly respond to the conversations
  3. Helps you monitor the changes that are happening in the market
  4. It will help ramp-up customer service.
  5. You can reach the clients before they complain.
  6. Building relationships with media and customers alike
  7. Develop insight into how your brand is perceived
  8. Build new business relationships
  9. Manage your online reputation

How we evolve?

We are in web industry form a decade now & offers 360° web solutions. We evolve our offerings from Web site Design-Development, SEO, PPC, Mobile Application Development Service to Web based Product Development.

We always strive to make industry driven products with unique features. As of we have three ready to use products and four SaaS based web offerings in the market.

7 Savant is one of our brainstormed products; this caters needs of our clients as-well social media agencies.

Social responsibility in social media

7savant will provide you with the potential to monitor, identify, and manage both positive and negative mentions online. It will also give a comprehensive overview of how your company/brand is perceived online.

Need of the hour

A bad online reputation will always have umpteen disastrous effects on your success. No matter where you are in business, a negative online mention would very soon shatter the reputation gained through years of hard work and dedication. This increases the relevance of a strong social media monitoring management tool like 7savant.

We learned the hard way

When every brand is focusing to have social media profile pages, more likes, comments, etc., but they are missing the main cruxes of listening to your customer.

Fetching data, analyzing each social page & finding feeds relevant to your brand across the web is tedious & time-consuming task.

This leads us to build a robust tool to fetch feeds from web, monitor & analyze them, and create a smooth engagement with the customers.

Did we just share that?

We take the utmost care to respect the privacy of our clients, and do not share any personally identifiable information with third parties.

They work with us

Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations.

Industry as we foresee

Bad publicity can spread like wild fire and may soon damage your online reputation beyond repair. Hence we should have strong laws and high-end monitoring and management tools to help combat negative online reputation.

A day without Internet

A day without Internet would be like a cell phone without a sim card – absolutely useless. Internet is the backbone of communications, and a day without Internet means a day with absolutely no communications.

Lastly, are you hiring? 

We’re not hiring at the moment. Please keep checking our website to know about the various job opportunities available.

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