Social Media Agency Feature: Makshi Infotech

makshi infortech

Who are we?

We introduce ourselves as Makshi InfoTech – Virtual Presence Experts based in Mumbai. The journey started with just website development work and now we have painstakingly developed the required skills over a period of 6 years and today can confidently offer the best service in the industry.

Our exposure to US clients during our early days has helped us to get this confidence. We have developed more than 400 portals for US clients and the toughest task was to create a portal Enlist Media where we integrated more than 70 blogs!!

Makshi Infotech has their own portal named MoviezAddA and Indiandrives. MoviezAddA caters to Bollywood segment whereas Indiandrives cater to auto segment. MoviezAddA and Indiandrives started their operation last year and within one year of span; MoviezAddA has 4lacs plus unique visitors and 9lacs page views monthly and Indiandrives has 2.5lacs plus unique visiotor and 3 lacs page views monthly.

What’s in the name?

Work is worship and we believe in goddess of wealth

What we do?

Why we do it?

We came down to the market with the goal of being a One Stop Shop for any brand that wants to build an online presence.

How we evolve?

We started off by servicing US clients and after 6 years we thought of shifting our focus on the Indian Market.

Social responsibility in social media

As a social Media Management company, the brand hands over their online reputation in our hands and it is unto us that we keep up to the offline reputation of the brand and give them much more than that. We also need to see that in the process, we retain our authenticity, transparency, trust and value.

Need of the hour

It is time that we look beyond likes and followers as the day isn’t far enough when they will not have any value and we would be accountable for every penny spent on the social media. Data sharing is the need of the hour and it has to be authentic data.

We learned the hard way

Makshi is now bearing the fruits of its labor. The seeds of success were sown only through grit, determination and a great foresight.

Propelled by toil, Makshi strived to attain perfection and has grown only through the unceasing efforts and hard work which has catapulted the organization to its present stature.

They work with us

Celebrities: Aiysha Saagar, Poonam Jhawer, Rozlyn Khan, Bhoop Yaduvanshi

Movies Websites: Daal Mein kuch kaala hai, Diary of Butterfly, Rajdhani Express, Ammaa ki boli, Cigarette Ki Tarah,

Other : Charak Pharma, Atrang, Saamagree, Espelho Fashions, Rulac Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Shah Group Builders, PY Films

Industry as we foresee

Pinterest and Twitter are going to be among the top for social media marketing. It is time we to go for quality than quantity.

A day without Internet

A Day without Internet…. is like Sholay without Jai and Veeru, Jai and Veeru without Thakur, Thakur without Gabbar Singh, Gabbar Singh without Arey O Samba, Samba without Sardar Do Aadmi The, Aadmi without Aurat, Aurat without Gossips, Gossips without MoviezAdda, and MoviezAdda without Makshi Family!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we’re currently looking for people to come on board as Sr. Web Designer for more information you can click on below link: