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AdHog Interactives


  • Deepen engagement with followers of iXiGO on Pinterest in a creative manner
  • Achieve substantial reach for the brand
  • To drive traffic to the website
  • To be perceived as a brand that cares about its Target Audience’s travel wishes
  • We wanted to make the word ‘iXiGO’ synonymous with the word ‘Travel’ through the duration of the contest to create indelible brand associations.


  • Contest Duration: 23rd Jan – 27th Jan
  • Where? iXiGO’s Community Pinboard ‘Amazing Places (World)
  • Call to Action: Pin images of all the places you must visit in your lifetime on our Amazing Places (World) Pinboard AND tell us why you want to go there. Also, repin all the images from the #MustiXiGO Pinboard.
  • The contest was run on the most popular pinboard Amazing Places (World)
  • Teaser Posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest starting 20th Jan
  • Call to Action was pinned at least 3 times each day to keep the interaction going
  • Interacted with all the participants and appreciated their efforts
  • Announced Bonus Activities at the peak participation time
  • Announced winners on 28th Jan


  • Increase in Number of Followers of the brand Pinterest page: 92 followers in a span of 5 days
  • Increase in Number of Followers and incredible levels of interaction on Amazing Places (World) Community pinboard
  • 127 followers added to Amazing Places (World) in a span of 5 days
  • Gained meaningful interaction and followers in Pinterest influencers from India


  • A strong brand association has been created for iXiGO on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest followers were successfully engaged in an interesting travel contest.
  • The contest was all about the travel dreams and wishes of the participants and started a real conversation between the users and the brand.