Mumbai Police Launches a Social Media Laboratory

Social Media lab mumbai police

Mumbai police has initiated a social media laboratory which is the country’s first Social Media lab by police force.

According to Mumbai Police, this an important step which will help them keep an eye on issues being discussed among youth on the Internet and to bridge the gap between the expectations of the public and delivery of police services.

After launching the lab, Mumbai police commissioner Satyapal Singh said,

“The biggest media at present is social media. Through our social media lab, we will come to know the pulse of the people as to what they are thinking, writing and what’s happening in the city, country and around the world. By reading the mindset of what people are writing on various modes of communication, we will try to provide better and improved safety and security to the Mumbai citizens


The bridging of the gap between the expectations of the public and the delivery of service shall be attempted through the lab,”

During the press conference following the inauguration of the lab, Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan extended his support for the city police’s endeavour.

“It is a great initiative by Mumbai police to be more involved, aware and informed through the contemporary modes of communication like social media. It is the pioneering step of the Mumbai police to understand what the youth, who are using the contemporary modes of communication, is thinking and what is going on around to understand the on trends.”

There is no kind of censorship that is going to happen.Mumbai Police’s way of trying to understand and maybe fill a certain gap, the generational and the communication gap, between the youth of the nation and them.

The lab will see a team of 20 police officers research on the kind of topics and discussions that are taking place on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The Mumbai Police had also clarified that the lab would not be interfering with any privacy policies of these social networking sites.

Bangalore city Police too have been doing a commendable job on the Social Space.

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