Social Media Campaign Review: Sony PIX Men In Black 3 TV Premiere

Sony PIX, an entertainment channel has used social media to launch India’s first Interactive mega premier of the movie “Men in Black 3” on 10th March 2013 and celebrating it as “Anti Alien Day“. A contest was run on their Facebook and Twitter platforms.


Promoting the premier of the movie “Men in Black 3” on their television channel using social media platforms. The campaign also aims at a social cause against evils that cause nuisance in the society,


First week of the campaign (February 25- March 1) had a contest called Alien Buster involving audience to identify the aliens in the society. The Facebook page had five different characters: such as ‘Red Spitterus’ for those who choose to paint the town red with Pan chewings aka the Laal Thookiyas, ‘Stink-us Maximus’ for those who release unwanted gas into the atmosphere, ‘Screamers Extremus’, for those who keep screaming and do the chillum chili, ‘Drinker Stinker’ for those who not responsible drinkers and get unbearably talli, ‘Kachra Phenkoo’ for those who litter their cities.

Stink-us Maximus sony pix anti alien dayDrinker Stinker sony Pix anti alien day

These characters were termed as aliens of our society who create a nuisance with their behavior. The audience had to match the alien behavior in comparison to the alien in their society.

In the second week (March 2- March 6) of the campaign, audience had to share an image of an alien in their lives to score more points. The winner with the maximum score everyday was selected as the ‘Men in Black of the day’ and his/her image was featured on the channel as well.

Simultaneously, a Twitter contest “RT to eliminate the alien” was run where alien images were to be posted. The more the RT’s, more the chances to win every day.

The last phase of the campaign  (March 7 – March 10) is called “Spot the alien”. The audience had to spot the alien on MIB hoardings and advertising across the city and upload the image on twitter. The person with the most twitpics will be declared as the winner.

This television premiere was the first in it’s genre to engage in LIVE conversations with viewers, thereby being the first ever interactive movie premiere in India. A Twitter handle will appear during certain important scenes in the movie to encourage conversations.


The campaign has been well integrated with their offline media plan in print, television and OOH media, thus having a strong promotion campaign across all mediums. An integrated online and offline strategy gives maximum results.

Regular interaction was maintained on both Twitter and Facebook with new updates and trivia from the movie, This kept the audience engaged with new content everyday.

Engagement ratio on the Facebook page has been their biggest achievement. The page has 977,576 likes and 95,349 talking about the channel.

They also used their YouTube Channel to promote the Mega Premiere.

An interactive television premiere and a Twitpic contest integrated with outdoor advertising were master strokes! These one way marketing channels was also made interactive with Social Media integration. It ensured that their audience was looking for them.

Scope of Improvement:

The campaign was so good that I can hardly find any scope of improvement.


An absolutely brilliant campaign covering and integrating every aspect of promotion and target audience using all media platforms. They gained very good response from the audience and had maximum people talking about the campaign. A very good initiative by Sony PIX.

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