Social Media: The New Age Security Threat?

Facebook Privacy

Imagine a scenario like this : You wake up in the morning and you get a call from an unknown individual and voila! The person at the other end out of no-where has called to say that your Facebook account has been compromised! Well I didn’t sleep well that day. I guess my password was way too easy for anybody to guess.

A friend of mine suggested that I was granting permission to far too many apps online and that is what did me in. Maybe I added too many people I didn’t know of. I don’t know till date. We all know that we should open any suspicious links and should never give out information of your bank accounts, but if this can happen to little old me then it is appalling as to what the social media can do to your franchise.

The new age of social media dawns upon us the susceptibility of both small and big businesses to various security threats and this has grown by the hour. Keeping them out of sight can only be detrimental for your sake only. But is it worth the shun? The vast potential of taping the market is something that any business can’t afford to compromise on.

But over the years, all of us have come to know of fact that you actually ever be sure of who is handling the account at what point during the day until and unless you really know the person well. Every day, several Twitter and Facebook accounts get breached! Cyber criminals just spoil the broth. Scammers have become far more capable of doing damage than what we had thought them out to be . Far more dangerous than before, they know which influential individual to target and send out malicious links to employees of high end financial biggies.

Now that we are sure that social media is something that we can live with or without, how do we really prep IT folks to secure the intricate details of the company? As of now, firewalls and password protection software set up is a must. Don’t make the same mistake that I did!

Make sure that all your employees on the business front don’t have the same password. God! Think about the amount of information that could be leaked if a fraudster does manage to get the lone password. It is the need of the hour to manage and monitor web app inflow and outflow to do without virus attacks!

It is true that there is nothing such as 100% security when it comes to world wide web. On the other hand withdrawing from cyber world isn’t possible either! In this techno crazy age the grant or block thinking doesn’t really work. In fact it is just down right counter-productive.

That doesn’t mean that organisations should be all out for the social media bug that seems to have bitten us all. It is really uncalled for when an employee is updating his status that he just had coffe that too de-caf! It is really imperative that Chief executive officers should take the time out to make strong policies.

By far, the toughest part of keeping security threats at bay is that every employee is going to set up a setting for security purposes on their PC’s. Well that is why the need of the hour is Anti-phishing solutions! Employees need to be aware about cyber crimes!

Thank God I wasn’t running a credit union, I still haven’t gained access to my account ever since. Guess I’ll have to make a new one, and think of a tougher way to fight those hackers.