How Restaurants Can Make the Most of Facebook

Whenever I am bored I look up places that I can go to dinner for. And the best place to get the feel of a restaurant is their Facebook page. It gives the customer a complete picture of the place. So much publicity can be done through the page and it attracts the target audience. If you have a Facebook page for your restaurant, keep a few things in mind on how restaurants can make the most of Facebook.

Daily Content

It is very important to keep updating the content on the Facebook page. If it is not fresh, people won’t return to the page. Try and post as much original content as possible. Some food related trivia is always fun to read. Like Lighthouse 13, Delhi has done.


People like reading something which makes them and their friends laugh. Jokes always get a huge number of shares. For example, He Said, She Said, Delhi puts up jokes on its page.



The look of a page is very important. Nothing makes us drool more. The more attractive and delicious it looks, the more crowds it will attract. Investing in a professional photographer for your Facebook page is a good idea. They can take pictures of the decor also. So people get an idea of the place and dishes as well. For example, we can see here pictures put up by the restaurants Le Cristaal, Bangalore and Barbeque Nation on their pages.



Mumbai restaurant Grillopolis has put up behind the scene pictures of the shoots.



Simple contests can be announced on the restaurant’s page. This perks the interests of the subscribers, and new subscribers are tempted to join. The gift can be a simple discount or merchandise. Prost, a brewery in Bangalore puts up such crosswords through which goodies can be won.



A lot of restaurants have weekly events nowadays. This makes a huge number of people turn up. And there is no better page than Facebook to promote such events. Topical events (such as for Valentine’s Day, Halloween etc.) are also very popular. Music gigs are a very common evening soiree for such places. Here is Out of the Box, Delhi promoting an upcoming event. People can share it and invite their friends.


Once the event is over you can put up pictures of the event and the people can tag themselves. Such post event coverage also results in a lot of traffic. For example, Tiot, Bangalore has put of pictures of its Halloween party.


Media Coverage

When and if your restaurant is featured in a news article or wins an award, remember to post it on the page. This makes the place look good. You can tag the publication also to increase traffic. People know you are doing well and will visit you. Here is Cafe Zoe, Mumbai announcing their awards.


Replying to Posters

Customers check-in, or write on the page’s wall to show their appreciations. Always remember to like or reply to posters on the page. This makes them feel special. Like here a happy customer has written on Spaghetti Kitchen, Mumbai’s page and they have graciously replied.



Try and connect the restaurant experience with the Facebook page. Add your Facebook page address on your napkins, menus, ads etc. This way people can connect with your Facebook page then and there. The contests which are running on your Facebook page can be advertised in the restaurant space as well. This will create a unity between the virtual and the actual restaurant.

Facebook is a great way to promote a restaurant. Pages get hundred thousands of followers. This kind of publicity of local restaurants is unprecedented. Earlier they only advertised in hoardings or print ads, but now their reach is international.

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