Sanjay Mehta on Facebook Advertising Opportunities for Brands [Video Interview]

To use Facebook ads or not to, for their Facebook page has been the biggest question for most brands. Though it is the easiest and most convenient form of paid media to generate traffic, the output obtained from these ads is highly unpredictable. The amount you invest in these ads must also benefit you in the form of return on investment.

But if you thought Facebook advertising was all about Facebook Ads, you need a little update on what Facebook has to offer in terms of advertising your brand. Sanjay Mehta talks about all these features in detail, how they work and how you can maximise the output generated from them by understanding their mechanism.

Using all these features either individually or in a certain mix can improve the standing of your brand on facebook to a very good extent. Most brands out there may or may not be aware of these possibilities. Take the lead.

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