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Rakesh Kumar
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Pepsi IPL Tweet 20

It's the season that everyone's been waiting for when the entire nation immerses itself in the madness that IPL has become. Taking the game to another level, Pepsi – the title sponsor of IPL 2013 – has transported the entire T20 experience to Twitter with its Tweet20 initiative.

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Provide an engaging experience to users by gamifying the T20 experience on Twitter!


This IPL, Pepsi has ideated 'IPL ka Boss' campaign which aims at handing the game back to the audience. As a participant you need to score points at every stage and the final winner gets to watch the IPL finals from the VIP box! Tweet20 is the first leg of the 'IPL ka Boss' campaign, and is a highly engaging and interesting activity that gamifies T20 cricket.

Pepsi IPL Tweet 20

The Tweet20 game is being hosted by @PepsiIndia on Twitter wherein you are given a target to chase down in two overs. The handle takes up the role of a bowler and 'bowls' deliveries that you as a batsman need to play to chase down the target. The deliveries are in the form of tweets like the ones below:

Pepsi Tweet20 Deliveries

So how do you as a batsman play the game? First you need to register at the Tweet20 microsite. The signup is via Twitter so you will have to authorize their app.

You have a handy How to Play section where you can see what kinds of ball you can face and what shots you can offer to them.

How to Play Pepsi Tweet20

Pepsi Tweet20 - Playing a Delivery

The better the shots you offer to these deliveries, the more runs you score. There are several matches in every pool and the maximum scorer in each pool grabs a seat in the VIP box!


The campaign shows that Fantasy Leagues are not the only way to gamify a sporting activty. Highly innovative and interesting, there can't be a better way to tap into the cricketing madness of the nation on Twitter.

The whole idea of one handle tweeting down deliveries and the people tweeting shots to them is out of this world.

And for a cricket buff, the game is quite easy to play. I also like the way the entire activity is weaved seamlessly into the 'IPL ka Boss' campaign with a superbly laid out dashboard!

Scope for Improvement

The Tweet20 activity is held only on the weekdays it seems. I don't see any matches being played on weekends which is a disappointment. I am pretty sure weekends would have seen greater participation from the community.


Overall, I am highly impressed by the way Pepsi is capitalizing on the IPL madness. If the Tweet20 activity is just the first phase, the rest of it can only be better!

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