Social Media tips for Startups from Indian Social Media Experts - #1SMtipForStartups

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Social Media tips for Startups from Indian Social Media Experts - #1SMtipForStartups

I'm a start-up owner in the making and just like my fellow start-up friends always wanted to take some tips from the best in the business. So, I took the opportunity to ask on their behalf for Social Media tips for Startups '#1smtipforstartups' from our Indian Social Media Experts. social media experts Won't waste time, let's see what they had to say: 1. Sanjay Mehta, Social Wavelength said -

Do It Yourself : indulge, engage, talk to your customers yourself, experience feedback one-on-one.

2. Binit Vasa, Triature said -

Don't ever forget its a pull medium and not a push medium. Keep it attractive

3. Nishad Ramachandran, Hansa Cequity said -

Build databases : basically the fact that any consumer facing start-up could do well to collect rich databases that can be used on social media. With all the new targeting possibilities that we are seeing in SM any business without rich (consumer) data is going to struggle.

4. Snigdha Manchanda Binjola, Story Ninja said -

Use your start-up story for crafting a powerful 'About Us' page for your website or social media platforms. Storytelling is about the relationship between things. Your start-up story is about changing your relationship to yourself and the world. It's not only important to state why you doing what you doing, but also share how you got here.

5. Sanket Nadhani,  Marketing and Sales at FusionCharts said -

Well I am no social media expert but here's one - Throw in humor, have some fun. People can use a chuckle in the middle of a busy day.

Now, if you'll haven't forgotten that I'm also a start-up marketeer, I would like to give my #1smtipforstartups -

Before you do anything at all in social media, figure out your core message first because I don't like start-up's struggling with content once started.

P.S: This post will be updated every-time, I get #1smtipforstartups from anyone of our Indian Social Media Experts. So, put this social media tip into action and tell us if this helped. Featured Image Source:

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