Social Web on the Go – Is Social and Mobile the future?

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A very interesting and certainly very intriguing concept is of course how the shift of consumption of media is on the go. A lot of consumer mindset is of course shifting towards mobile. Many folks have even completely shifted their marketing strategies to mobile. Mobile internet is slowly getting big.

I was down in Singapore a month or so ago and I noticed that trend already existing and was  very big there. With an internet penetration of 90% and above and Social / Digital media penetration of around 60% a lot of it there is via mobile.

I can see that will soon be the state of Internet in India too. Mobile and tablet devices reach consumers where PCs and Laptops don’t. Depending on the kind of brands that are very active on mobile campaigns it’s to be seen how that market shapes up.

But one thing is for sure, especially with more mobiles and tablets sold more than PCs and tablets and with the telecom industry booming in India, brands need to really give that importance to their consumers who are mobile and going to get mobile.

With premium services like Facebook mobile advertising, customized targeting via mobile or email as UID. Also with the new Facebook newsfeed coming into focus, mobile will play a key role in how brands will strike that first mover advantage or for that matter how many of them will start recognizing that sooner than later and transform their consumption patterns for users on mobile.

Something like customizable content for mobile would make amazing sense for your consumers.

For instance the recent announcement of Flipboard giving an option to users to create and curate their own content in form of magazines makes for an interesting use case of how mobile can be really used to drive customized content consumption.

Or using an app called MobileRoadie ( to create a Social media app for content consumption for niche audience of your content.

There already are brands weep are in India who’re using mobile to their advantage, like Shoppers Stop, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Cbazaar and many more…

How much longer before Social and Mobile integration becomes stronger? Is social and Mobile the future? What are your thoughts on this?

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