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Gozoop Case Study

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Gozoop decided to have alternate Saturdays off, Hell Yeah! and to use Twitter to unlock news.


Since Saturday Off was something that people at Gozoop wanted since a long time, they thought to make people curious and excite them before giving away the BIG news!

So they decided play a game using Facebook and the twitter hashtag #AwesomeStuffWeDo to unlock the news. Everyone had to tweet using the hashtag and mention @Gozoop in their tweets. The target was 500 tweets on the tag and the news would be out!

People were all charged up which translated to be a perfect way to end the week.


  • Total number of posts on #tag - 900+
  • Original Tweets - 432+
  • Total Reach - 702,211
  • Tweets @ mentioning GooZoop
  • Retweets -375
  • Timeline deliveries - 2,339,981

Social Media Case Study GoZoop twitter case study #awesomestuffwedo