Sanjay Mehta on Social Media V/s Traditional Media [Video Interview]

social media v's traditional media

Social Media V/s Traditional Media, which of these do you think carries more weight?

Co-founder of Social Wavelength, Sanjay Mehta explains Social Media from what brands need to do before they adopt social media to How to make sense of Social Media Data and How to calculate social media ROI in his previous interviews. Today, Sanjay Mehta shares his views on social media facing the traditional media used since ages.

Brands have understood where traditional media stands and they apportion a large budget for their marketing programs on traditional media. Television, print etc has a wide reach as compared to Digital Media which is more targeted. However, for most brands’ ROI on television and print has been going down.

Sanjay is of the opinion that, Social Media in today’s world is a viable alternate option. Its not about abandoning traditional media but it is about integrating traditional media with social media in the overall marketing mix. We are now in the age of integrated marketing where a TV Commercial prompts you to go to Facebook and continue the engagement with the brand and have an interactive experience.

So there is an interesting opportunity where a television Ad can engage a person through Social Media. So the earlier you educate yourself about social media, the better it is for your brand.