Social Data Can Improve Customer Service

The Seven Elements of Social Data

Companies are now using social media to not only increase their brand awareness but to also improve their brand relations and connect to their customers on a more personal basis. Social media helps in creating profiles for your brand that acts as a hub of information as well as feedback for your product or service.

Social media is an excellent device to figure out what people are saying about your brand. It is a medium to stock up on all the positive and negative comments that take place and strategize to use them to their maximum advantage.

An overview:

Most top companies like Dell are using social media to carry out their customer service efficiently and effectively. Social media helps in getting feedback and complaints instantly and also helps in cutting down a significant amount of cost that can be incurred during carrying out the after sale services.

Customers prefer social media to earlier methods of complaints such as calling up a toll free number or a helpline. Also social media has more effect on a customer’s thinking process as his or her complaints are visible for everyone to see. Therefore the exposure of a review can make or break a brand’s image. This fear makes companies work faster and solve problems more effectively.

Strategies to implement:

For carrying out effective customer service through social media a company has to be alert and smart. By checking out forums and other websites one can figure out the popular complaint, problem or query customers have about a product. This can then be solved by modifying a product or listing a solution on the brands page.

A company has to take care to respond to its customer care in time. There have been instances where agitated customers have logged on to public forums and ranted about the brands and their faulty products or services. This tarnishes the brand’s reputation and stops other customers from buying it. However a glowing recommendation by a previous customer is all it takes to inspire other potential customers to purchase the product or avail of the service being offered by your brand.

A company has to balance both its complaints as well as criticisms. Complaints should not be ignored or deleted. You should deal with them in a strategically mature manner so that the other customers can look at how you solve problems and this helps in putting your brand’s image in a positive light.


Most customers only look for a timely response to their complaints. By giving satisfactory after sale services and providing real time assistance to the problems that your consumers are facing you will not face any problems in retaining them as well as gaining new customers also.

Business has to evolve with the change in the external trends in the environment. With the influence of technology spreading over the globe it is only fit that it carries out one of its non-core services such as customer care through the social media as well.