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Who are we?

Iksula was founded in the T20 world cup winning year of 2007, and since then the company has grown to a size of 200 employees.


Iksula is an International Marketing and Technology Services company based in Mumbai, specializing in holistic solutions for internet and direct commerce companies across the globe. We have an international footprint and operate out of New Jersey and Singapore as well. Our clients from across the globe have acknowledged us for offering them unmatched business solutions.

Iksulites are a bunch of highly motivated and creative people, always pushing themselves to a new accomplishment every day.

What's in the name?

Inspiration is a way of life at Iksula. The name “Iksula” itself has an element of inspiration in it as it has been named after an ancient Indian river. Iksula loves to take up new challenges in the form of new projects and pave its way towards success, just like a river keeps flowing and makes its way through rocky paths.


What we do?

We offer 360 degree solutions for our clients, ranging from Technology to e-Commerce Consulting for internet and commerce companies. The services range from Technology development, Product content, Image management, SEO and SMM. Our customized solutions help our clients grow in various sectors such as jewellery, apparel, home furnishing and electronics, to gain a competitive edge.

Why we do it?

We at Iksula, believe that business knowledge expertise is the core to any business process. The thought behind outsourcing and appointing a specialized team for every project is a vital factor to ensure great ROI. This thought is the reason for Iksula to be in this challenging business.

How we evolve?

In this ever changing business environment, it is important to stay ahead of the competition, and we do so by constantly updating ourselves with current and ongoing global trends.

Social responsibility in social media:

Being socially active and educating the audience about the same is a task that we are continuously improving on. The campaigns which would be emerging from our basket of ideas are inclined socially towards the betterment of people and aims to give them a platform to express themselves.

Need of the hour:

It is vital to bring in some well detailed & thought-out regulations for this industry along with a responsible and un-biased monitoring body.

We learned the hard way:

Brickbats and bouquets have taught us the hard way, that to earn fruits of labour you need a secret formula of 50% expertise, 30% efforts & 20% creativity!

That is why, our thoughts are turning into trends!

They work with us:

Our clientele includes – FCUK, TATA B2B, Croma, Future Bazaar, Gitanjali Gifts, Gerald Online, Globus, Wayfair, and Tabcom among others.

Industry as we foresee:

Digital media is going to see a stark change in terms of growth in the coming years, especially in India. It is upon us as marketers, to ensure that brands are best equipped with innovation to tackle this virtual world.

Certain international brands have already jumped on the bandwagon and have made a huge impact on their customers. The extensive adoption of digital media is throwing up interesting insights of the customer’s mind which is sure to bring about an exciting new phase in the world of marketing.

A day without Internet:

Would involve some Pizza, Burgers or the Iksula favorite - Chicken dishes!

And continuation of our daily debate on Android (198 Iksulites) versus Blackberry (2 Iksulites)!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes we are ready to welcome some new people in our bouquet of teams.

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