Social Media Campaign Review: YES Bank Spot Snap Win Facebook Contest

Mariam Noronha
May 02, 2013 04:53 IST
Social Media Campaign Review: YES Bank Spot Snap Win Facebook Contest

As a late entrant in the Indian banking sector, YES Bank has striven to build its identity as the preferred banker of the world in India. This means that it has worked towards differentiating itself from the word go. YES Bank is the official partner of the IPL 2013. So, it is not surprising that YES Bank is running contests on social media.


The YES Bank Spot Snap Win Facebook Contest aims to capitalize on the ongoing IPL frenzy while highlighting its role as an official partner of the tournament. With this contest, the brand is looking to stand out among others.

yes bankExecution

You have to “Like” the YES Bank Facebook page to  participate and win couple tickets. The contest is presented by YES BANK.

You have to take a picture of yourself or any other person wearing the YES Bank Maximum Merchandise. Add an interesting caption and submit by uploading it to the app. It’s that simple!

Participants stand a chance to win IPL match tickets.


The contest is fairly simple and straightforward in its approach. There are no long drawn quiz questions, no testing cricketing fundamentals which is a breath of fresh air among contests.

Navigation on the page and within the app is smooth.

Scope for Improvement

Like many other apps this app asks for permission to access profile information, email and friend lists - a big turn-off if you have privacy concerns.

Also, as the contest involves clicking and uploading pictures of anyone it might be an invasion of someone else’s privacy, right?  Putting up their pictures to win a contest?  Your own is fine but others might be a bit dicey, no?


As India’s fourth largest private sector Bank, YES BANK is steadily evolving as the Professionals’ Bank of India with the long term vision of 'Building the Best Quality Bank of the World in India'.

YES BANK won the 'Fastest Growing Bank' Award third year in a row at the Businessworld Best Bank Awards 2011. It also won seven awards at Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards and the CMO Asia Awards for Excellence in Branding and Marketing that were held on July 22, 2011 in Singapore and the brand has actively worked towards building a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The contest is in line with the brand’s overall strategy, one that works towards building its identity as the preferred banker to Indian professionals.  With a young Indian workforce that also happens to be cricket crazy, the contest is the brand’s way of tying in with the Indian sentiment. Running the contest parallel with the IPL it can only further consolidate its alignment with the tournament.

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