Social Media Case Study: Fujifilm India #FujiHighZoom Twitter Contest

FujiFilm India


Ignitee Digital

Brand Name:

Fujifilm India


Fujifilm India launched its range of High Zoom cameras (S Series) with a series of high impact campaigns on some of the top portals like Times of India, IBN Live, Google and Rediff.

Fujifilm wanted to compliment this launch with an engaging campaign in the social media space specially on Twitter in order to create a buzz and acquire relevant target audience as new followers.

  1. Create Awareness
  2. Engagement and excitement about Fujifilm High Zoom cameras.
  3. Drive traffic to their main webpage, blog and YouTube channel.
#FujiHighZoom Twitter Contest:
  • A 5 day trivia contest using the hash tag #FujiHighZoom
  • 2 questions asked every day.
  • Questions on different product models and their features.
  • Users were given a hint to find the answers to the questions by visiting their different sites of FujiFilm India
  • The contest was live for 3 hours each morning from 11 am to 1 pm.
  • To create awareness, numerous tweets were posted an hour before the contest began.
  • #FujiHighZoom trended for all 5 weekdays
  • New followers added in the duration of the contest: 230+
  • Total Number of Tweets: 3000+
  • Total Number of Retweets: 500+

The entire campaign and its success were totally dependent on the contest theme, type of questions that resulted in an unexpected virality, engagement and reach.