Social Media Case Study: Xpress Money

xpress money

Brand Name:

Xpress Money

Agency Name:

Adfactors PR



Xpress Money decided to begin the New Year by helping the underprivileged in society as part of H.O.P.E, their consolidated sustainable corporate responsibility platform.

Gozoop suggested leveraging the strong Facebook community of Xpress Money and bring users together to help Xpress Money donate an amount towards a noble cause.


Gozoop developed a Facebook game in which users had to compete against each other to score highest points by assembling a jigsaw puzzle. It was pledged to the users that Xpress Money will donate 1/3rd of the highest score towards the education of underprivileged girl children.

By playing the game each user brings Xpress Money 1 step closer to helping young girls who are deprived of basic rights like education. Xpress Money acquired over 2900 fans and promoted the contest via Facebook ads and engaging wall posts. Xpress Money posted emotionally appealing content Strong call to actions accompanied visually appealing creative They used Facebook Marketplace ads and Promoted post.


  • 11302 game plays
  • 2915 fans added
  • Promoted post ads in Newsfeed received 22x higher click through rate than ads on the right hand side.