Why is Twitter Better Than Facebook for Business Promotion?

Facebook and Twitter business promotion

Contrary to the popular belief, Twitter is in fact, much better platform than Facebook when it comes to marketing and business promotion. Though slowly, the tally of users creating accounts per day on Twitter is becoming more than that of Facebook’s and in no time the overall users of former will outnumber the latter.

With 175 million tweets updated every day and over 300 million users, Twitter is better than Facebook because-

When it comes to news then twitter takes the lead

Almost every other breaking news is issued on Twitter first and then on the other social media sites including Facebook. In fact, knowing about the happenings in the world or even in your local area is a lot easier on Twitter in contrast to Facebook. All you need to do is follow a journalist, writer or an editor and then you could actually Twitter as your reliable news source.

Twitter is for news, Facebook is for fun

It actually makes more sense to organize advertisement campaigns on Twitter rather than on facebook. People use Facebook to connect with their friends and share their pics and funny videos and not to share advertisements, and brand promoting content. On the other hand, most of the people are there on Twitter to receive latest news, information about new products in the market, and to connect with their favorite brands.


Now, where would you like to spend your money for marketing? A place where people are sharing fun, or a place where people are craving for news from their favorite brands?

Small tweet is easy to read

It is far easier to explain about the features of your new product in say 500-1000 words. Even I am finding it really comfortable and easy to explain you about the benefits of twitter in so many words. But can I ever do this with just 140 characters? Hell no!

Of course it is possible but it would take a lot of creativity. However, the point is that, what would a user prefer to read? A 1000 word article on a new service or product, or the same piece of information creatively and interestingly described in 140 characters?

Better services

The last but not the least factor which makes Twitter a better choice for promotion of brands is the excellent customer support and advance monitoring tools. Any of your brand promotion related issues would be solved ASAP by the skilled customer support executives of Twitter. While the same is commendable for Facebook, their services quality is not as excellent as their opponent’s.


With 52% percent of total users on Twitter making regular updates and only 12% of the same on Facebook, Twitter is proud to be the most active social media platform today. If you have considered Twitter an underdog in Social Media domain till now then perhaps it’s time you changed your opinion. It goes without saying that venturing in Twitter for marketing and business promotion will open new doors of success and accomplishment for your brand.