Best Practices in Social Media for NGO’s [Report]

Best practices for NGOs social media

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Ethinos Digital Marketing

How should NGOs leverage Social Media?

As an NGO, your social media activities should aim at creating awareness, generating interest, encouraging sharing, and enlisting support and participationfor your initiatives.

The purpose is to first grab attention and then sustain it through compelling communication.

Which Social Media platforms should NGOs target?

Social Media for Social Good

  • As an NGO, you work for a cause because you support it with all your heart.
  • A thankless job at times, you still pursue and persevere because someone, somewhere, is happier because of your efforts and that makes you carry on the good work.
  • There are people who might want to lend you a helping hand but don’t know where to start; there are people who need your help but don’t know how to reach you.
  • Reach out to them. Connect with them.
  • Let your tireless passion for your cause reflect in your social media presence.
  • Let social media do its bit to energize your efforts for social good.
  • And if you need someone to help out with it, we are always there!