Facebook Vs Twitter: Which is Better?

Gurinder Batra
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Comparing well-known social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook is actually not possible, it is almost like comparing oranges and apples. It is not possible to have an unbiased review / comparison social websites, given the nature of these platforms and their popularity. But since it is required here is a comparison of both the social networking sites which may help in concluding which is better -

  • Different elements - Facebook has a lot of different elements while Twitter is restricted to one operation. If your idea is only to broadcast small messages related to an event, work etc. then Twitter is enough for your requirement. Of course, on Facebook too you can post updates with the added advantage of sharing pictures and videos with friends without even having to click on a link to see a preview.
  • Reach - In the present times, Facebook apparently is much more in rage and farther wide spread in usage compared to Twitter, even though Twitter does manage to get people discussing more.

    Generally Twitter users are on Facebook, but not all Facebook users have a Twitter profile. When it comes to reach, Facebook with a wide reach of more than 1 billion people, scores better than Twitter. But Twitter seems to be well-placed when it comes to highlighting popular opinion. It is evident that Twitter users are inclined to be more open and verbal than Facebook users. People who log on to Facebook tend to be carried away with games, applications and viewing others profiles, while Twitter users can limit themselves to posting and discussing on the topics concerned.
  • Add on Features like Gaming, Events - Both social networking sites are immeasurably different. In case Twitter incorporates certain features that Facebook already has, like gaming, creating events and the potential for posting longer messages, there is a possibility that it could be better positioned in the Twitter vs Facebook showdown.
  • Common platform for Friends and family - Facebook is designed for bringing associates, family, friends and businesses in concert on its platform.
  • Real-time - While Twitter is an open micro-blogging social networking site that permits businesses, celebrities and even common people to sign-up, create an account and keep the 'Twittersphere' bring up to date about the current events / happenings. It is real-time unlike Facebook. The idea of Twitter is to respond to the question "what are you doing?" in one hundred characters or less.
  • Number of Active Users - It is but obvious that Facebook is much bigger and has a far more active fan base. The simple being Facebook has more number of users in contrast to Twitter. The point here is not about which has more users but it is more important which has more active users. And in this case Twitter losses the battle to Facebook, therefore, the latter is emerging as a favourite platform for online marketers and advertisers, for reaching out to potential customers.
  • Platform for Marketing Campaigns - Facebook is a much-loved option for marketers thanks to its easy to amalgamate applications like games, contests, maps, YouTube videos, freebie deals and advertisements. It appears that Facebook has free applications for almost everything you wish to incorporate onto your fan page or business page. But Twitter just does not have the facility to carry out all such functions.
  • Measurable -  Another important thing to remember is Twitter does not have the facility of tracking statistics without making using of a third-party application such as HootSuite, which is a disadvantage for business owners. On the other hand Facebook is an analytics-based engine that tracks it all from fan growth, clicks, user engagement, impressions, and demographics. This works as an advantage for online business owners and marketers.
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