Social Media Campaign Review: First Look of Krrish 3

Sanika Tillway
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Social Media Campaign Review: First Look of Krrish 3

The third instalment to Hrithik Roshan’s hugely successful Krrish will hit theatres this Diwali. For the past few days, #Krrish3firstlook has been trending on Twitter. A huge buzz was created in the run-up to the launch.


To launch the first look of Krrish 3 in a big way, the makers took to social media to create a buzz around the launch.


The first thing I was reminded of when I saw the Krrish – 3 website was Vogue Eyewear’s campaign and Nissan India then going on to rip off the same campaign. In the earlier campaigns as well, the idea was to use fan-generated tweets to unveil mosaic tiles of the image. In Vogue Eyewear’s case, it was brand ambassador Deepika Padukone while in the case of Nissan India, it was their new car model – Nissan Terrano. In the case of Krrish – 3, user-generated tweets will break bricks on a wall to reveal the first look of the film. The more you tweet using the hashtag, the faster the bricks will break to reveal the first look of the film.

Krrish 3 Campaign Wall

After a couple of days of having the hashtag trend, the first look of the film has finally been unveiled with Hrithik Roshan doing a live chat with fans through the Krish – 3 Facebook page along with a simultaneous release of the look on the website and on &" target="_blank">Youtube.

Krrish 3 First Look unveiled

Not only has the hashtag trending led to increased promotion for the film, but the film’s cast has also been promoting this pre-launch campaign on Twitter.


Since the objective of the campaign was to create a buzz, it has successfully managed to do.The hashtag has trended for several days. The fact that the cast of the film is active on Twitter is a bonus since they in turn, are promoting the film among their fans.

Live chat with Hritik was received well by the audience. They have been creating buzz around the movie by tweeting Hritik's Quotes, his likes, dislikes, fears, etc.

Scope for Improvement:

The biggest let-down, for me, was the fact that the campaign was more or less, a rip-off a previously successful campaign. Even the prize on offer was similar. Given that it is a superhero film, that element could have been brought in even if it was to create a buzz.

There was no live-feed of tweets on the website; one would have to refresh the page to see the latest tweets.

There is no mention of how many tweets will break a single brick or any manner in which user generated tweets can actually be seen on the bricks. This would have probably made the website more fun and interactive.


If creating a buzz was the objective, then the brand has successfully managed to do so. But in terms of innovation, the campaign is stale and is a rip-off of previously successful campaigns.

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