Social Media Case Study: #100kReasonsToCelebrate by Xpress Money

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Jun 10, 2013 04:30 IST
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Xpress Money

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Xpress Money was celebrating its social media success of reaching 1 lakh fans on their FB page. They decided to share the joy with their Twitter followers also, with a hashtag contest.


To create engagement with the existing follower base and spread smiles.


  • The hashtag #100kReasonsToCelebrate was launched on 8th May, 2013
  • The said hashtag was started at around 11:45 am and was active for more than 24 hours
  • It was trending #1 in Mumbai at around 1 pm & across India at 2 pm
  • The trend lasted for 3 long days (on the top of the list!)


  • 6700+ Tweets
  • They had a reach of more than 1.82 Million
  • 1526 Original Tweets
  • 5.15 Million Timeline Deliveries
  • 4285 Mentions to our handled during that period

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