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They say that hiring is difficult and it goes without saying that hiring for a startup is tough. This is a big problem especially in India. When a start-up reaches a level where more output is required than the founders can handle, it’s time to find employees who will invest physically, mentally and emotionally in the company. Beyond startups with ample revenue or a large institutional investment, recruiting top talent is a challenge.

There are multiple reasons to understand why someone doesn't want to join a start-up but few of the primary ones are an average Indian is a pretty risk-averse person. He would be the last person to throw away a stable income job and work for a couple of months old start-up. Unlike the US, where start-ups are considered cool, there are no social advantages to working at a start-up in India.

When, the largest and fastest growing portal of Ahmedabad, was not even two months old, they were looking to recruit. Why so early? Because they just couldn't manage huge demand and expectations from their users. And this was during their pre launch phase when they had not made their site open to public!

CityShor knew that hiring is going to be a challenge for them and thereby they studied and understood one of the biggest and the most successful recruitment drives across world… what they freezed on was ‘Best job in the world’, the campaign by Tourism Australia, if you have not heard of this recruitment drive, we suggest you to check out on the net.

CityShor team came up with similar concept for their recruitment as after all the profile they were looking for was one of the most exciting jobs in the city. Ahmedabad online recruitment



CityShor team first created an attractive recruitment advertisement. After lot of iterations and experiments, the team freezed on the above version. The next thing they did was to ensure that they replied to every single application they receive. They wanted people to get excited about the job, know what are they exactly looking for and how their day will look like once hired.

As a result, they made it mandatory for people to not upload their resume but in fact write few lines in email body explaining why they think they are fit for the job.

The last and final stage was to ensure that recruitment advertisement goes to as many people as possible. They posted recruitment advertisement on their Facebook page, Website, Twitter, Emails, recruitment portals, Times Ascent, Economic times and Ahmedabad Mirror. And here’s how the response was:


The recruitment drive blew over the roof! People not only came to apply for the job but large number of people got curious to know how come such a profile exists.

As a result, large number of people visited CityShor’s website and Facebook page which resulted in lot of new users. People from different age groups i.e. 16 years to 53 years applied.

Top talent from city was interested to join the company. People from NID, CEPT and many management institutes applied for the position. CityShor website got 12,800 visits in with more than 5500 applications. Facebook posts had close to 3500 likes, 241 shares and more than 170 comments. Ahmedabad online recruitment

As the response was great, both the co-founders and a team member sat for few consecutive days just to scrutinize the applications. Eventually, team recruited 3 people from the pool of applicants.

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