Social Media Case Study: Maruti Suzuki India League

Maruti Suzuki

Brand Name:

Maruti Suzuki India Limited

Agency Name:

Ignitee Digital Services


Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. associated with IPL 6 on Digital platform leveraging the massive reach of the event. Associate with the most sought after property/event i.e. IPL – in a way that ensures Reach, Visibility along with a Brand connect.

Maruti Suzuki wanted to leverage the sponsorship and go beyond media inventories to create Engagement. The brief was not to just stick to product banners/videos but to create a property of their own which meant fun, engagement involving both – the Brand and Cricket!


  • To completely leverage the association with IPL
  • To tap the cricket lovers to play a league enhancing their joy of IPL 6
  • To go beyond the usual to create a splash & excitement
  • To keep the brand connect intact


  • Media banners on YouTube IPL channel announcing the Maruti Suzuki India League and introducing the teams.
  • Landing tabs were fan gated to acquire new fans Tab on the theme of league & the brand connect and the actual game began..
  • Fans played cricket and scored runs for their team. Scoring runs was followed by taking a trivia.
  • The individual scores were added to the team score. They ensured that there were enough opportunities for virality
  • They ensured that there were enough opportunities for virality
  • On Social Media, they customized our brand channels, New Timelines images, theme based tabs on Facebook, customised YouTube skins and customized Twitter skins.
  • Engagement, leader-board and gratifications.
  • Big rewards – everything was worked out around this.
  • As IPL6 progressed their own League also became a large game!
  • They rode on the popularity of YouTube IPL channel by ensuring enough visibility for our products.
  • There were product banners and pre roll videos about the brand attributes/features.
  • High impact properties added to the overall visibility & reach.


  • More than 24 million media impressions
  • Over 3.20 lakh clicks generated
  • Impressive CTR of 1.3%
  • More than 2.7 lakh game plays
  • Over 72,000 people became a part of the league
  • Total time spent: Over 34,000 mins