Sanjay Mehta on Is Facebook an Effective Social Media Channel [Video]


Most of the brands are present on social media in today’s world especially on Facebook. Most of all have a Facebook Brand page. But there is a problem if you consider Facebook = Social Media and Social Media = Facebook, says Sanjay Mehta, Co-Founder of Social Wavelength.

Facebook is considered as one of the most popular social media tool for Marketing and Promotion in today’s world. But the question is, ‘Is it an EFFECTIVE Social media tool?’

Have a look at the interview where Sanjay Mehta shares his views on Is Facebook an Effective Social Media Channel:


Is Facebook an Effective Social Media Channel?

Facebook is a place where there are a huge number of people and has a very large user base from India as well. It is more effective for B2C companies as lot of their consumers are there on the platform. Facebook may not be a right media for B2B companies. It is not always necessary to have Facebook as a prime media platform on social media.

According to Sanjay, Facebook gives interesting opportunities if you spend money and so spending money on Facebook is not wrong considering it is a part of the Marketing mix.