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It all started with a thought in the 1930’s. A German author wrote about a guy removing a device from his pocket, pressing buttons on it and then speaking into it. Years later this thought is more than reality. Martin Cooper said,

People want to talk to people- not a house, or an office, or a car, given a choice, people will demand the freedom to communicate wherever they are.

Ethinos Digital Marketing launched their latest infograph called ‘A Snapshot of Digital India.’ The Android seems to be leading the India mobile OS market with 62% of people opting for it over Symbian, Windows, Blackberry and iOS. Symbian is second with 21%, Blackberry third with 11%, Windows in fourth with 8% and lastly iOS with just 1%. In the brands department, Samsung is the leading company with 41%. Then there is iOS, Nokia, Blackberry and Sony finishing last with 8.2% of the market share.

Comparison between four countries (India, USA, China and UK) in terms of social media usage saw USA come out on top. USA has 78million users on Linkedin and 158million users on Facebook. When it comes to Twitter China has a whooping number of 400+ million users. India comes in third with 20million users on Linkedin, 33million on Twitter and 63million on Facebook. UK has 53million users on Social Media. 11million on Linkedin and Twitter each and 31million on Facebook.

Four detailed graphs also show the number of users in each Social Media from the time frame of August 2012 to April 2013. Twitter saw a 17million user rise from August 12’ to November 12’. It has been static since. Facebook saw a growth of 21 million users during the time frame. Linkedin gain 5million users, which took its tally to 20million users by April 12’.

Over the course of years people have adapted to mobiles and use it on a daily basis. They connect with each other socially. We see a daily rise in the number of users that use Social Media.

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Note: The graphs for Pinterest users in November 2012 and February 2013 have been rectified.