Ideas for Header – The Twitter Way

Twitter headers

It has been seven years since it all began, yet it doesn’t seem like the Tweets will stop any time soon. You follow, get followed, think aloud, write, and share. Above all else, Twitter, following the tradition of social media platforms, lets you be seen – for what you are and what you believe in. And for all of these reasons, you have a serious task at hand – the Twitter header image. If your presence on this platform matters to you, you would have to work on it. But there are too many choices – so much that you may not even know where to start. Here are some ideas to add some fun to this ‘serious task’.

Go Black, Go White, Go Black and White

A splash of color often makes the most mundane things come alive. But this need not be true when it comes to your Twitter header image. A black and white header treatment can work rather well, especially if you have color elsewhere on your page. Inspiration isn’t far away really. Take a look at what MTV has created for its much loved program ‘Roadies’ and you’ll see what we mean.

MTV Roadies twitter headers

The MTV Roadies Twitter page is one that uses few colors but still manages to get the fantastical element right.

Keep it true

When it comes to Twitter headers, there’s nothing like being honest about who you are and what you stand for. For instance, if you’re passionate about dance, go right ahead and get an element of it in your header photo. After all it’s a part of your identity, your everyday life. You can go all out to display your favorite pursuit or be subtle about it.

Livemint Twitter headers

Mint’s Twitter page is a clear example of being true to what one really is. A snapshot of a usual day at work captures the spirit of the brand.

Brand it right

Every brand has a unique personality. And ‘brand’ here refers to people as well as material things in equal measure. If you think you and your brand are one and the same, establish that right away through your Twitter header. If you have established brand colors, use them to perpetuate brand recall. You could even stick to solid colors and your business logo to make your point – simply but subtly.

NDTV Twitter headers

For NDTV, the Twitter header is all about coordinating color with the brand logo. But that goes well with the peel-away on the side.

Work out a mishmash

If highlighting a single facet of yourself or your business doesn’t appeal to you, you can always walk the mishmash way. You got it right – we’re talking collages here. If it’s your business page, you could have a collage of event photos. To make it look less generic, you could even borrow captures from a photo shoot that you may have done recently. If your brand itself represents a collage of ideas, then there’s nothing like it.

Creating a theme around a collage is always a good idea. If it’s your personal page, gathering captures of your many moods could work well (although this idea is pretty much tried and tested). But don’t worry, because there are more ways out. Consider putting together a collage of your favorite things. They could be as disparate as chalk and cheese – but that could make it even more interesting.

Brand Collage twitter headers

Brand Collage’s Twitter header showcases a mashup of ideas that represents the essence of the brand.

Quote it on

Your favorite quote could easily play it up for you on Twitter. Why keep it a secret when it can say so much about you? There are tons of them available all over the internet – well-designed and ready to be used. Something like this:

Twitcover Twitter headers

But if that don’t impress you much, see if you can click them real-time. Something you find scribbled on the wall of your favorite restaurant maybe? Or something you randomly came across written in a magazine?

Tapping into your own colorful life is often the best way to find inspiration. Whether it’s for your Twitter account or something else is up to you.


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