Most Mentioned Political Leaders on Social Media in India [Report]

As the countdown to the general elections 2014 begins, social media conversations around possible candidates for the top positions have gathered momentum and are likely to reach a crescendo as we get closer.

Blogworks, marketing, communication & research services firm has launched the second edition of its monthly India’s Most Mentioned Political Leaders index analysing the Top 20 Most Mentioned Political Leaders online for the month of May. The first edition analysed the Top 20 Most Mentioned Political Leaders online for the period January 2013 – April 2013. You can download the report here.

Some of the key highlights of the report:

Narendra Modi continues to be on top of the most mentioned political leaders index. However, there was a 17% dip in online buzz about him in the month of May 2013.

• Prime Minister Manmohan Singh moved up from the 3rd position in April 2013 to the 2nd position in May 2013, in terms of overall mentions.

• Rahul Gandhi’s buzz declined by 50% in the month of May 2013 thereby taking him to the 4th position and Sonia Gandhi moved up to the 3rd position.

• LK Advani made an entry into the Top 5, moving up from the 9th to the 5th position in the month of May 2013, displacing Arvind Kejriwal.

• ‘Caste & Religion’ remains the biggest conversation driver for Modi. SIT’s report exonerating Modi of blame for the Gujarat riots led to an increase in share of mentions about ‘Law, order & internal affairs’ and his key election plank of ‘Development & economy’ dropped to the third place.