Social Media Agency Feature: Cogmat

Cogmat Social Media Agency

How was CogMat started? What inspired you to get into the Digital Media Industry?

CogMat began as part of an IT and Software Services Company called CMSS Pvt. Ltd. that provides enterprise-wide solutions to corporates.


CogMat was born out of a need to create relevant branding with the help of technology that was missing with most agencies at that time. Digital Media as a channel relies heavily on technology and CogMat smoothly bridged that gap with effectiveness. Our base of 37 clients, with offices in two countries (India and Hong Kong), bear proof.

Not only have we successfully managed brands’ digital media services such as social media marketing, online advertising, search and online reputation management, but have also successfully developed websites, e-commerce portals and complex applications (mobile included).

What was your biggest struggle when you started out? How did you overcome it?

We have always been perceived as a technology-centric company and most brands thought “creative-content” wasn’t our cup of tea.

We’re happy to have broken that mindset with campaigns for brands such as Vijay Sales (100,000 Thank Yous) and Quick Heal (101 Uses of Gadgets without Quick Heal).

Clients now meet us to discuss ideas for campaigns to increase their overall brand awareness, while maintaining relevance with respect to content and target audience.

How were you able to grow CogMat to the expertise that it has today?

Strategy is key, something that is often ignored by agencies and, sometimes, clients.

We believe it’s extremely important to first understand a brand’s objective to adopt social or digital media in their marketing exercise and after multiple discussions arrive at the best strategy that can help the brand not only build awareness but also work towards engagement and increasing its share of voice.

We’ve won several projects only by providing strategy; we’ve never provided marketing ideas. 

What Services do you offer at CogMat?
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Campaign Conceptualization and Execution
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Online Media
  • Application Development (Facebook, Mobile, Microsites)
  • Website Development
  • E-commerce Design and Development
Please share with us the clients whom you have helped grow on social media.

We wouldn’t want to name some clients and leave others behind.

However, brands have benefitted by accomplishing what they set out to achieve when they started out with us. Increase in share of voice, lead generation, concentrated user engagement and brand awareness are just a few of the things that clients have achieved during their relationship with CogMat.

When you get a new brand on board, how do you go about building a strategic plan?

We build a strategic plan while we are being considered; not after. That is what clients need to look for in agencies. Don’t ask or look for marketing ideas; those are good to ask for once you’ve established enough of an online presence with the right marketing strategy.

What keeps them coming back to you?

We’re very realistic in setting both expectations and goals with clients. We’re methodical and are extremely number-oriented.

We also bring subject-matter relevance to content. By this, we mean most of our content-writers come from specific backgrounds such as stock-broking, technology, education and retail—in line with those of our client’s businesses.

Tell us something about some good Social Media Campaigns that you have executed.

Our recent campaign—101 Uses of Gadgets without Quick Heal has received an unbelievable response. The videos and overall social media marketing have been accepted well by the online audience.

Before that, we did a campaign for Vijay Sales who wanted to celebrate 100,000 fans on Facebook. The campaign was very well received by Vijay Sales’ loyalists.

I am sure you must have come across some funny incidents while working on Social Media Campaigns.

We don’t kiss and tell! :)

What are your views on innovation in the Indian Digital Space?

Do it because your business can benefit from it, not because it can win you awards.

How do you see the industry evolving?

Compared to when we started 3 years ago, the Digital Media Industry in India today has progressed by leaps and bounds.

Most clients are definitely more aware of what to expect from Social or Digital Media marketing.

From a business perspective, what do you think are some key challenges in Indian Social Media Sphere?

Even today, Digital or Social Media is the last point during finalization of marketing budgets.

On a typical day, how is life at CogMat?

It’s a mad-house. The business development team is going to set up a station outside office as it tends to get noisy during work hours – one group discussing new ideas for a client; a bunch arguing over what to order for lunch; the senior team playing ridiculous YouTube videos and inviting people over to join!

You need to be there to witness the madness.

Could you please introduce us to the team who is behind strengthening your business?

Everyone right from the junior-most executive to the co-founder is responsible for strengthening CogMat and making it the company it is today. It would be unfair to name some and leave out the rest. However, here are a few photos.

Cogmat social media agencyCogmat social media agency team at social samosa meet up

What is the most rewarding aspect of Digital Media according to you?

We’re part of the Digital Media Industry; however get to work on brands that are from different industry verticals. The constant flow of information, learning how such industries function and working for them is what makes this experience supremely rewarding.

What are some tips you can suggest for freshers to build a career in Social Media?

If you are looking at it as “I get to work on Facebook and Twitter as part of my job and it’s going to be super fun”, you are in for a rude shock.

As much as you get to access social networks everyday, it’s a very demanding job being responsible for a brand’s identity, creating content, monitoring sentiments and analyzing your client’s performance against its competitors.

Are there job opportunities at CogMat?

Yes. You can visit our Facebook careers page or the CogMat website to send us your profiles

Lastly, how can people find out more about you and your services or get in touch with you?

Mitchelle Carvalho, CogMat’s Co-Founder will be more than happy to have a chat with you. She can be reached at [email protected]

You can alternately send us a request on our enquiry form