Social Media Case Study: A Shoppers Bag by HomeShop18 gets 10k daily shares


Brand Name:


Agency Name:

Mindshift Interactive


  • Step 1: Reach the Shopping Bag
  • Step 2: Select a Number and answer a Simple Question for Us!
  • Step 3: Access the Website to get clues
  • Interesting Trivia and Fun Questions that you can answer!
  • Prizes worth Rs.35,000 up for grabs.
  • Two Bumper Prizes for the Grand Prize – Tablets!


  • Average Likes per Post on Facebook: 150+
  • Shared: 1,80,000+ Times (Daily – 10K Shares)
  • Shopping Bags Choosed: 4,645
  • Played by 8,000 People
  • Website Traffic increase: 2X Of General FB Clicks