[Report] Snapshot of Digital India 2013

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Aug 23, 2013 08:23 IST
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[Report] Snapshot of Digital India 2013

Ethinos Digital Marketing has compiled a report on Digital India till the month of August 2013. The compilation consists of statistics on connectivity, Smart phone market, Tablet market, Penetration percentage of top 10 countries for various Social Media platforms and more.


Mobile and Landline connections are compared to each other. There are 867 million and 30 million users respectively. Since August 2012 both Mobile and Landline have seen a downfall in the number of users.

There are 200 million Internet Connections, 15.2 million Broadband Connections and 90 million Mobile Internet connections. These numbers have been growing steadily.

Smart Phone Market Shares

Smartphone market share was compared on the basis of OS and Brand both at a Global and Indian level. Android seems to be leading the race. It is the preferred OS in India and on a Global level. Among brands, Samsung is on top with a whopping 30.4% globally and 32.7% in India.

Tablet Market Share

Tablet market shares were compared by OS and brand. Globally android holds the major share percentage with 67.0% where as iOS has just 28.3% of the market shares. In India, 88% of the tablet market shares are held by android. In comparison of brands, Apple is the winner worldwide with 35.50% where in India it comes third with 11.7%.

Social Media Users In India

Facebook has the most number of users in India with 144.8 million users. Next in order are Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+, SlideShare, Pintrest and Tumblr. By 2017, it is estimated that India will have 282.9 million Social Network users.

Penetration Percentage of Top Ten Countries

United States has the most number of users on Facebook and LinkedIn with 57.16% and 26.68%. In terms of Twitter, Indonesia has 44.20% of the total users. Out of the total users, India has 7.11% users on Facebook, 19.41% on Twitter and just 1.92% on LinkedIn.

Social Media Presence of Companies

In the IT department TATA has the best social media presence with 112K+ likes on Facebook and 32K+ followers. While in the BPO department, Genpact seems to be leading with 24K+ likes on Facebook and 2,700+ followers on Twitter.

Other Findings Include:

1. By 2015, India will have more Facebook users than any other country.

2. Facebook’s global database is said to touch 1.8 billion by 2017.

3. Of the Top 100 Fortune Companies, 77% have Twitter accounts and 88% use to post company news and updates.

4. 1% of LinkedIn addicts are responsible for 26% of all its traffic.

5. 72% of India’s active internet users access social media.

6. Facebook and Twitter are the most preferred networks for social commerce in India.


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