Social Media Case Study: Social Media Helped Fukrey’s Profit Cross 200% at the Box Office

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Social Media case study is submitted by Flarepath


A film with a relatively unknown cast wins at the box office by crossing profits to over 200% with Twitter-focused activity, and continues to grow organically on social media post release.


  • The task was to attract audiences to watch a film with a relatively unknown cast.
  • To reach out to the masses and get them to notice the film.
  • To create conversation between the cast and their fans.

Target Audience:

Bollywood movie buff, Age group - 18- 35


  • The challenge was to create a huge buzz around the movie through influencers, hence Twitter was taken into action while Facebook played a supporting role.
  • To involve fans with the daily activity of Fukrey, we initiated a ‘Sabsey Bade Fukrey’ activity.
  • To keep the momentum going till the end we planned a ‘Fukra Party’.
  • To break the monotonous launch of music through a tab or event page, we enrouted ourselves to Twitter where we asked Sona Mohapatra, singer of ‘Ambarsariya’, to take over the Twitter account of Fukrey for a day to release the song.
  • Since ‘Ambarsariya’ and Sona Mohapatra, the beautiful voice behind the song connected well with our target audience, and gained good response on radio we decided to create its acoustic version.
  • To create parody posters to use as one of the marketing gimmicks.

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One of the highlighting activities was the music launch of Ambarsariya, where Sona Mohapatra took over the Twitter account to launch the song while she interacted with the fans and answered all their questions. Flarepath also shot and edited the acoustic version of the song that connected well with the fans.

Other activities, which garnered a lot of traction, were ‘Sabsey Bade Fukrey’, ‘Fukra Party’ and Parody Posters (on the lines of Hollywood movie Man of Steel and Scavengers). For the ‘Sabsey Bade Fukrey’ activity, we asked fans to create a ‘Fukrey’ Fan page and populate the page with daily activity around the film. We rewarded the fan page which managed to get the maximum number of followers/likes.

Apart from all the above activities, Flarepath was live tweeting for the trailer launch, we organised a jugaad event and the Fukra party was created to update the fans in real time. In addition, the team conducted many Twitter hashtags to engage with the fans on a constant basis.

A few of them that trended nationally are #CALL5464646, #Fukra, #TwitterKeFukrey, #JugaadAt859, #ChoochaMoment, #IWantFukrey2.


  • The Twitter account received 238 RTs per 100 tweets, at 92 replies per 100t.
  • Facebook likes continues to grow organically even after the release at 52%.
  • The acoustic version of Ambarsariya shot by Flarepath received 118,110 views.
  • The media acknowledged the idea of parody posters which also gained an engagement level of 0.6% on Facebook.
  • We trended six hashtags nationally with a total social reach of over 6 million and an advertising value of over 15 lakh rupees.
  • In the first week of the launch, the positive social mentions for Fukrey were 4 times that of ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’.
  • As a result, Fukrey’s profit crossed 200% at the box office.


fukrey social media campaign fukrey social media campaign

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