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About the tool!

Webfluenz is a sophisticated social media monitoring and intelligence tool that enables its clients to listen, monitor and engage with social media and the real-time web.

The company provides its client’s in-depth analysis of social-media conversations based on geographic presence, sentiment analysis, influencer analysis and other factors, helping them to lead their communication & marketing strategy in the right direction.

The tool empowers our users to find potential customers and allows them to engage for possible sales. It also detects customer issues on the social web and helps clients control any public relations damage on the social media and with press.

Webfluenz allows users to compare with different competitors and for different time lines. So, our clients know where exactly they stand when they are doing a campaign and what was its impact on the consumer and compared to their competitor.

We have a broad list of features that our clients can use with various permutations and combinations, and play around before they finally get their required data in a simple and clean form on their dashboards.

Our tool also has collaboration and engagement functionalities

Who founded the product/company?

Webfluenz was founded in December 2010 by Bharani Setlur and Harish Madabushi. Both the co-founders come from a diverse background and before Webfluenz, they had also co-founded 4am Design and Technology Labs in 2008.

Bharani Setlur webfluenz

Bharani Setlur, is the CEO and was responsible for formulating the company’s business strategy and leading to success across the Southeast Asian market. Bharani has a background in strategic design and product life cycle design, with expertise in the field of Real-time Contextual Insights, Social Design, Information Architecture and Information Design, Usability/ interaction on fixed and mobile computing platforms.

Harish Madabushi webfluenz

Harish Madabushi is the CTO and drives the creation of proprietary Webfluenz Intelligence and Data Gathering systems by combining established computer science concepts with cutting edge and continuously evolving technologies. Harish, who is also the co-founder and the brain behind the social media intelligence and management system of Webfluenz, brings a diverse set of experiences in technology, management and scientific capabilities.

What platforms does it cover?

The platform covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Blogspot and FriendFeed. We crawl through millions of sources across blogs, forums, news, images, Microblogs, social networking sites and videos.

Features of the tool?

The tool allows users to listen, engage, monitor and analyze real-time conversations on social media. Its various features include:

Analysis - It gives simple presentation of complex data analysis based on multiple filter options including sentiment tagging, intent, geography, demographics, language, influencer metrics and more.

Facebook & Twitter analysis- Complete analysis of Facebook Page, Facebook account and Twitter account. Publish or schedule social updates on these accounts via a single platform, retweet, comment, favorite and more.

Alerts- It allows users to create unlimited keyword alerts to get analysis of recent social media conversations delivered in their inbox. It also offers customized keyword alert option allowing users to get notified when social activity around their brand or campaigns change with respect to various parameters.

Competitive Benchmarking dashboard - The tool enables users to compare up to 5 brands on social media at the same time.

Comparative Benchmarking dashboard - The tool empowers users to compare a brand for different date ranges. All dashboards can be based on multiple filter options.

Reports - The tool allows users to download unlimited reports based on its dashboard analysis. The user can also download graphs and charts from each section of the dashboard analysis in image formats including JPEG and PNG.

Management & Collaboration - These tool features allow users to assign, email, label and engage with mentions internally.

24X7 customer support via chat, email and call.

What analytics support does the tool provide?

  • The tool provides analysis of conversations from millions of sources including Microblogs, Blogs, Online News, Viral Image, Viral Videos, Social Networks and forums.
  • Sentiment analysis in 24 languages
  • Influential metrics for authors, publishers and shared links
  • Consumer quotes based on various intents likes demand, disappointment or rejection
  • Topical trends that are based on most talked about topics within a set of conversations
  • Demographics- Gender tagging & Geography Tagging
  • Facebook page, Facebook account & Twitter account analysis
  • We specialize in crawling local and regional sources on demand in conjunction with our Clients and Partners.

Does it give an option to download reports?

Yes. The tool allows you to download unlimited dashboard reports including Deep-dive, Competitive Benchmarking and Comparative Benchmarking reports for free. Segmented graphs and charts are also downloadable in image format- JPEG and PNG. A CSV download of recent mention is also available. We also offer detailed report download option that includes analysis on every segment on various parameters.

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Sentiment is the intent of the author behind a mention and we provide automated sentiment tagging in 24 different languages that pulls mentions based on three sentiments- positive, negative or neutral. The analysis is presented in a format that allows users to view the sentiment distribution for each day of the selected date-range.

What’s the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

Webfluenz uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) semantic search algorithms, advanced data mining and pattern recognition to search through a plethora of social media platforms and generates sophisticated insights and actionable real-time intelligence.

In addition, Webfluenz provides an easy way to manually override the automated sentiment tags and our sentiment tagging system uses a combination of Evolutionary Algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks to learn from your feedback providing you with increasingly higher levels of accuracy.

The sentiment analysis algorithm is self-learning; when a search profile is run in 2 different languages with an overlap between them, the system does not apply the learning’s from one language to improve the sentiment analysis of the other language.

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What are the brands/agencies that are using this tool?

Over the last two years we have penetrated deeper into the Southeast Asian market and created a brand value amongst the top public relations agencies, advertising agencies, media houses, brands, corporates and research firms.

Seven of the top blue-chip advertising agencies are now our clients in Southeast Asia. We also work with a lot of top brands across various industries including FMCG, Retail, E-Commerce, Professional Sports and Service & Hospitality.

We have worked with more than 50 clients and some of the popular brands include Omnicom, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dentsu Mobius and Starcom amongst others.

Pricing & Packages

Webfluenz offers a free Personal account that allows users to search unlimited keywords on social media, use multiple filters and manage 5 social accounts.

We also offer a free trial of our complete services for a single keyword- search topic profile for 14 days that includes a free import which is a complete dashboard capability based on archived data.

Our package starts at $49.99/per month for a single search topic profile with unlimited mentions. Package webfluenz| s for $299/ per month includes 5 search topic profiles/ social profiles and unlimited mentions. Package webfluenz | m for $449/ per month includes unlimited search topic profiles, 2 social profiles and a limit of 10,000 mentions. All features, dashboard and engagement capabilities are available to both packages.


Currently, Webfluenz has advanced systems based on its proprietary multilingual technology to Monitor, Analyze, Manage and Engage with the social media. We are one of the few integrated systems that allow analytics, management, monitoring, engagement and reporting with a single product.

In the near term, we will be advancing closer integration for Public Relations and Online Reputation Management and Analysis, with advanced features for Crisis Identification and Management.

The Team

We are a team of dedicated engineers, designers, statisticians, market research and marketing professionals who are committed to provide actionable intelligence from the social media & real time web. Our operations are based out of Bangalore with onground sales in Southeast Asia, UK and India. We also have a dedicated team for online sales and global delivery.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are. At Webfluenz, it’s a creative, fast-paced and challenging environment. We usually have our opening placed in the career section of our website.

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