Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

hiring digital marketing agency

Social media has the unique ability to provide a brand with a voice and personality across digital platforms, which is why this aspect of marketing should not be handled by just anyone. A brand should always hire a solid provider who can contribute to the marketing goals; and if you search, you will find some very creative providers out there!

An agency is comprised of a team of professionals that use their combined skills and expertise to leverage the power of social media with the aim to create awareness for a brand, generate loyalty and advocacy, and help a business with its overall growth strategy.

These professionals bring a variety of skill sets to the table along with a range of service offerings. Also, it has been seen that relying on a single person to manage a brand’s social media properties can actually be more expensive.

Hiring a digital marketing agency proves to be more cost-effective with the range of services that a brand will receive along with professional and personalized interaction. The depth of these services offered by an agency collectively provides a 360° perspective to marketing a brand across digital platforms.

A good social media agency knows that their work does not just stop at being ‘social’ anymore. A full service digital agency provides the best of both worlds – the left and right brain. So who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Besides providing a brand with a gamut of services, agencies have the unique ability to benchmark the best practices. When an individual works alone within the brand’s system, that resource is working in a nutshell. Running a successful contest, trending on Twitter will often be treated as results of great magnitude.

However, on the other hand, agencies are following trends consistently, leveraging new channels and testing new features to implement the best tools for a brand strategy. As a partner, an agency will have the ability to help you understand where the brand’s activities stand in comparison to others within the same competitive set.

Most often, there is a misconception that only 2- 3 people are working on a single brand account. In reality, in an agency, while the servicing team consists of close to 3 people, creative contributions come from all directions.

A strategy created by the agency is the result of an amalgamation of the inputs and opinions of various people. Social media is a time intensive process that involves constant content creation, monitoring, management, and engagement. By hiring an agency, there’s an entire team of creative minds to manage your brand’s marketing on digital media.

The degree of professionalism you will receive from digital marketers in an agency will lead to the best digital marketing plan for the brand. In such a scenario, too many cooks may not necessarily spoil the broth.

Agencies also have the advantage of implementing clear systems and processes such as structured reporting, training and learning, continuous reviews, best practices for the benefit of creating, and executing class-apart marketing strategies for a brand.

At every step in the strategizing process, constant training and development practices are implemented to ensure stark improvement in the services offered by the agency.

Building and maintaining relationships with a larger network of influencers such as bloggers, journalists, etc is just as essential as creating the best content. These resources influence the success and failure of a campaign to a large extent. Social media agencies have easy and constant access to these resources which only means that scalability never stops.

If a brand’s social media activities are not too high in number, then hiring an individual within the brand’s organization might work for a brand’s marketing strategy. On the other hand, when you hire an agency, you are assured of a certain quality and a certain level of service.

So, go ahead and hire a digital marketing agency right away if you don’t already have one; because they live, breathe and survive on social media.


Harshil is one of the 4 core founders of FoxyMoron. A graduate from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, Harshil’s expertise lies in developing and creating unique strategies across Social Media platforms and Digital Marketing Brand campaigns. His core strengths lie in interface understanding and market readiness in terms of feature augmentation. Currently at FoxyMoron, Harshil’s key responsibilities include social media ideation, creative execution, digital media planning and buying, and SEO. Harshil Karia along with Pratik Gupta was ranked 50 in the Top 100 of the Digital World for 2012 by IMPACT Magazine. FoxyMoron is a Social Media Marketing and Digital Solutions agency that works with some of the biggest brands in India. The portfolio includes L'Oreal Group (Maybelline, Garnier, L’Oreal Paris), Foster's, Rajasthan Royals, AXN, McVities to name just a few. The core service areas are 360° Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development, Games & Applications and Media. Follow Harshil on Twitter: @harshilkaria