[Infographic] Social Media Sentiments On Declining Rupee

Social Media is known for having an impact and is used by masses to express their views and opinions. The recent downfall in rupee to dollar saw people take on social media to express their concerns, anger and views.

In this infographic by Simplify 360°, we see graphical representation of social engagement regarding rupee, ISD and rupee to dollar rate.

The cumulative buzz around Indian rupee saw a positive fluctuation of 0.96%. Conversations about rupee and INR/USD exchange rate went high as the price of Indian rupee sank to a low of 68 against the dollar. There were 421,740 mentions in the last three months out of which 261,517 mentions happened in the last one month. Out of the ten mentions, three of them were women.

Chetan Bhagat, Sashi Tharoor and Ramesh Srivats were amongst the people who used Social Media to address this issue.

The top terms associated with this topic were RBI, Sensex, UPA and Congress. Hashtags like #quitsonia went popular overtime. If all the conversations around #Rupees were put together one would find people talking about how RBI cannot support the Rupee.

Rupee Infographics

Sadly, these actions on social media will not help us stable the economy. Though the all the time low of Rupee to dollar upset-ted the entire nation and this was visible throughout the social networks.