Social Media Agency Feature: Social Strategi – A Boutique Digital Marketing Agency

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social media agency social strategi logoWho are we?

We are Social Strategi, a boutique Digital Marketing Agency that wants to help small businesses and startups make their presence felt on the digital platforms. We use our analytical minds, the latest tools/technologies and above all, our creative flair to help you reach your branding/marketing goals, all in line with your budget and business constraints.

Social Strategi is the culmination of a partnership between the visually inclined, Shilpi, based out of the US and the verbally inclined Preeti Somani, based out of India. Together, we can boast of credentials such as a Visual Communication degree from IIT-Mumbai and an MBA from Santa Clara University, but that’s not the point!

We are passionate about this space. And we are eager to help.

What’s in the name?

Social Strategi is a self-explanatory name that encompasses the essence of what we do. We help you with your social strategy, a strategy that can make your business/brand socially significant. The “I” in the end is for “IMPACT”– The impact we would like to have on your business, the impact you deserve to imprint on your customers and clients.

But above all, we are happy to have a domain name that is an “owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy”

What we do?

We are essentially digital marketeers, marketeers at heart with a digital upbringing. We’ve helped a number of small businesses and startups (please refer to the section below for a list of our clients) in their mission of online brand building. We have been a consultant to their business, the graphic designer on their team, and everything in between.

But what we do best, is help our clients build their brands through storytelling and a viral content strategy. We create original, creative, relevant content and campaigns, ones that are tailor-made for your target audience and in tune with your brand in a format most consumable and engaging to the users of the platforms it gets shared on.

Why we do it?

We enjoy this so much that we left a six-figure salary on the table to do this. Need we say anything more?!

How we evolve?

We evolve with every client, for every client, by every client.

Social responsibility in social media

Sharing is what makes social media successful. Give back as much as you’ve received from the medium. Share your knowledge, not just cool pictures.

What goes around comes around. Don’t lie, misrepresent, reprimand, or overstate. Your client is important, but the privacy of their customers is more important.

Need of the hour

A ROI calculator on social media spending for clients who are used to balance sheets.

We learned the hard way

Buzz cannot surpass reality. If your brand/products/services do not appeal to your audience, no amount of marketing will be good enough.

Everyone wants digital marketing, but they don’t want to pay for it.

Did we just share that?

We care about our clients way more.

They work with us

social strategi clients

Industry as we foresee

Social media will continue to matter. Popular social media platforms will get more crowded. (Businesses that create unique user experiences will stand out.) New social media platforms will likely emerge (esp. with more visual appeal). Businesses will have to consolidate their social media efforts, i.e. choose the platforms that matter the most for them.

In the kingdom of social media, creative content will remain king.

A day without Internet

Would be like a painter without his palette.

Well, actually….would be spent socializing on the mobile!

Lastly, are you hiring?

If you are a marketeer at heart, passionate about digital media, and can-do-whatever-it-takes to make your client successful, please write to us at [email protected]